Kidnapped ._. (by 1D)

for a girl who hate One Direction she sure is 'close' ;)

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21. Revenge

*Casey's P.O.V*
You know what? Fuck this shit. I'll just not text them back I'm supposed to be heading to the mall with Sara tomorrow anyway.
I see Sara come out wearing:
I was wearing:

"Ready for the mall?" I ask
"Yep" she says popping the 'p'
We get in the car and turn on the radio and listen,
"All right it's old school weekend! Send your requests in!" The preppy radio voice said.
The song 'Brick House' started to play and I highered the volume up all the way.
"Jesus! How loud is this!" Sara whines,
"As loud as it should be" I smirk.
When we got to the mall we couldn't find a parking spot. It was packed. After about 30 minutes of yelling and honking we found a fucking spot. When we walked in it was FULL. Like filled with a bunch of screaming girls full.
"Look" Sara said nudging me, I saw One Direction,
"How many fucking signings are these guys gonna do?" I said then thought, what if I kidnapped Harry this time? "My turn" I smiled,
"What?" Sara said,
"Distract them, well except for Harry, I'm going shopping" I said.
She walked over there and I saw Niall immediately rush over there, a couple fans took pictures, I walked into Dicks to get bat to hit the dick with... Haha I made a joke ;)
I walked back and saw that they were still distracted. I walked up to Harry, some fans taking pictures of me as well, I let them, who doesn't like attention?
"Hey Harry come out with me I need to show you something" 
*Harry's P.O.V* 
Finally! She realizes that she's mine...
I walk into the back of the mall which is barren...
"What'd you wanna show me?" I said and she grabbed a baseball bat and said,
"Swing batta batta" 
the next thing I knew I was in a room tied up on a sofa.
*Casey's P.O.V*
I researched online 'Harry Style's turn offs' on the way to my house. I found out that he didn't like obsessed insane chics, and that's exactly what I am going to be for him, maybe he would quit kidnapping me if I did this and trust me, I am a good actor. 
I did my hair in 2 pigtails and wore an I love Harry T-shirt with shorts and walked in the room, Harry gave me a weird look, 
"Kidnapped by the kidnappee are we?" I said,
"That makes no-"
"ugh!" I yelled like Cher Lloyd in that song 'Want You Back'
"What t-"
"Ugh!" I said then he just stopped talking,
"Ball sack" I yelled and punched him in the balls, hey.... he deserves it -_-
"What The Fuck?!" 
"Ah ah ah... I ask the questions around here I said waving my finger back, 
"Don't worry, I've texted your friends saying you'll be gone for a couple hours" I said waving his phone in the air. 
"How'd you get my password?" He asked,
"Awwww dumb pussy!" I said in the tone mother's use with their children while tapping his nose,
"I'm a directioner now! I know all about you four nipples and that your password is cats you fucking dumb ass" I said as happily as ever.
"Why did you-"
"Flibber flabber" I said and started to march around like a bird and say "Flibber flabber" instead if clucking. 
"What the Hell is wrong with-"
"Ugh!" I yelled then continued marching around, 
"Flibber flabber" I said and I heard his stomach growl,
"Don't worry I'll feed you, you 'Harry' Vagina you!..... See I make joke" I said tapping on his nose.
"Sara!" I yell and she comes in and spills popcorn on the other half of the sofa,
"Flibber flabber" I quack and slam my face into the popcorn and grab a couple pieces in my mouth then spit it at Harry and watch as he makes a disgusted face, I just want to burst into laughter but I keep my cool,
"Flibber Flabber" I say once again and repeat this about 10 times,
"Hey wanna see how whales eat!" I yell then scream,
"WOAAAOAOAOAOA" like a whale and plop on the sofa then flop around like a fish and get up,
"what the hell happened to you?" He asks and I spit popcorn at him and watch him flinch,
"I became a directioner" I snort and scrunch up my face and walk to the door,
"Now I'm going to lock the door cause i don't want my Hazzy Bear to escape!" I say tapping him on the nose once more and lock the door and walk out, the room locks from the inside and I just realized I left my keys in the door, I walk back in and look at him then the door then him and take the keys quickly and close the door like a maniac.
Mission Accomplished! (Italian Voice) 
*Harry's P.O.V*
What the hell happened to this girl?!? 
Is she joking around?
Is she for real?
I guess since I'm stuck in hear might as well sleep?
I woke up in front of  me and the lads house with my phone next to me, I grab it and walk in.
"And where were you?" Louis asks,
"I was relaxing" I did the exact opposite of that today ._. "I don't feel so good" I say and Liam nods and says if I get some rest everything will be fine, yeah considering the fact that I got punched in the balls I'll be fine if I sleep -_- But seriously...
Ha ha I know this isn't the lingest and the chapter is kinda "out there" but what d'you guys think?

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