Kidnapped ._. (by 1D)

for a girl who hate One Direction she sure is 'close' ;)

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11. Liam and the boys

*Liam's P.O.V*
"what? no obviously not, it would have been nice if it was you I was kissing"
did I just here that?
I figured now's my chance,
I held her chin and brought her face to mine,
"How bout we try that?" I whispered 
I smashed  my lips on to hers, she kissed back ;))) 
I could tell she had feelings for me.
After about a minute we got interrupted by something vibrating,
Casey pushed me off her and said "sorry for the kiss" she said looking embarrassed.
"is that your phone?" I said with one eyebrow up,
"nooooo" she said moving her eyes side to side.
"give it up" she was laughing,
"you really want to take on me and these guns" I said trying to show off some muscle.

she sighed and gave it to me,
I took it and put my contact in it as, li <3, then handed it back to her,
she gave me a confused look then looked at her phone and smiled,
"hey, come downstairs and let me actually introduce you to the gang" I smiled 

*Casey's P.O.V*
"hey, come downstairs and let me actually introduce you to the gang"
I rolled my eyes at the thought of it.
"hey, they're not that bad" 
I chuckled, "sure".
He took my hand and dragged me downstairs,
"Hey look who came to join us" Louis said 
I smiled sarcastically and put an arm up and said "yay"

*Zayn's P.O.V*
"Yay" I could tell she wasn't enjoying our company,
"how bout we play a game, Louis?"
Louis usually has a game in mind'
Casey shook her head, but I guess Louis really wanted to play cause he sat on the floor and said,
"hey! come on you peasants and sit down, make a circle, I don't wanna see some potato shaped thingy"
Casey laughed a little, it was cute she should do It more often.
"I'll go first!" Liam said.
The order in the circle was like this, Louis,Harry,Niall,Liam,Casey, then me.
"Casey truth or dare"
"ummmmm dare"
"I dare you to answer any question we ask you all night"
"what a dare" she said laughing
"wait, then how will we move on to the next dare?"
"I guess we'll just have to ask you questions ALL NIGHT" Niall said.
"oh my god Niall, I've never heard you talk before, you're so cute!" she said punching his arm.
"okay lets start" I said 
"well who do you fancy?" Louis asked.
"ehhh, rigth now? I guess Liam?" 
How could she like Liam?

*Harry's P.O.V* 
"ehhh, rigth now? I guess Liam?"
Liam? Liam? why?
"Do you have an order, like favorite to least?" I heard Niall say,
"well personality wise? Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Harry, and looks? ummm Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis are a tie, then I guess Harry"
"I am not that bad of a person as soon as you get to know me" I said
"that wasn't a question" she answered back
"Where you a virgin before, you know that stuff happened?" Zayn asked.
"Yeah" she said looking down,
Louis, Zayn and I all exchanged guilty looks
"I'm sorry" Zayn and Louis both said,
she punched both their arms playfully,
"hey, forgive and forget right?" 
what about me? forgive me? but she didn't, ever since I accidentally hit her she's been trying to avoid me, and it's really killing me.
"Are we all friends now?" Liam asked
"well most of us"
I could tell they all new that she meant that she wasn't friends with me...
"can I go to sleep, it's like 12 and I've at least had a question from each or you" 
not me
they all nodded, she went up to where she stayed,
I went up there after about 10 minutes,
"hey" I tried to be nice
"What do you want" she said
"well you see, I haven't got my question yet" 
wow, what do you think he's going to ask?
ooooh 3 possible couples; #Lacey, #Hacey, and #Cayn

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