Kidnapped ._. (by 1D)

for a girl who hate One Direction she sure is 'close' ;)

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13. girlfriend?

*Liam's P.O.V*
All the boys were downstairs eating break fast accept for Harry and Casey,
I was going to wake Casey up first before Niall eats all the breakfast.
I walked into her room and saw her sleeping on the floor,
then I saw Harry sleeping on the bed holding a pillow, I laughed a bit.
I knew what happened so I woke up Harry first.

*Harry's P.O.V*
I woke up to Liam shaking me, 
what a pleasant wake up call.
Then when I looked to the side to see Casey in my arms she was on the floor,
"really" I said and Liam said,
"Come downstairs and eat some breakfast" Liam said laughing then walked downstairs.

*Casey's P.O.V*
I saw Harry walk towards, I was to sleepy to move.
He picked me up and put me on the bed beside him,
"It's more comfortable with you here" I laughed at what he had said 
"Well we have to go down for breakfast, and I like the floor better"
He turned me around so I could face him,
"Can the floor do this" 
But I quickly put my hand between our faces, when he pulled away I said,
"No that's why I like the floor better" I giggled
"Your sleeping voice is sexy" he said holding me tighter.
"yours too" I said laughing

*Harry's P.O.V*
She had the cutest laugh,
"Listen, I like you but I just don't know why you like Liam"
"awww is someone jealous"
"I guess but only because he has my women"
"since when did I become your women"
"when you kissed me last night" he smiled 
"that was only to get you to shut up" I laughed 
"well you can shut me up when ever you like" he laughed and played with my hands 
"so a kiss means they're your girl?"
"yup" he said and kissed me on the cheek
"Liam and I, well..."
"Liam and I what?" he said letting go of my hand,
"Well I don't want to make you anymore jealous than you are now" 
"Tell me"
"Well Liam and I kinda 'made-out' yesterday till... he got a phone call" I couldn't tell Harry I had a phone cause I know for sure he would take it away,
"What? but you wont let me kiss you?"
"well he kissed me and I think I kissed back"
"did he tell Daniel" 
"who's Daniel?" I asked getting suspicious
"His girlfriend"
"Are you fucking serious?"
"I'm so stupid" I hit my head
"No your not you just fell for the wrong one" he took a breath then continued,
"C'mon lets go down, I'll cook you breakfast"
"you can cook?"
"Well they don't call me chef styles for nothing"
"They don't" I said laughing 
"Oh, just c'mon" 
"go down, I'll catch up, k?"
"k, see you downstairs love" he said and kissed my forehead, then left
I called sara
"hey can you get all of my clothes, put it in some bags with a tooth brush and tooth paste and can you put my hair stuff in there too, and just leave it at the door then drive off, please"
"Sure, and  listen I'm sorry for last night"
"This is why you're my best friend, you're always there for me, thank you"
"hey, that's what best friends are for, I'll text you when I drop them off"
I hang up
|10 minutes later|
I had just taken a shower, I had wrapped my hair and my self in towels,
I heard my phone vibrate, I went downstairs 
"Yes" he said then realized what I was wearing
"stop looking and go get my bags from the door please"
I nodded and walked back upstairs to the bathroom and he came in
"how'd you get these?"
"I have my ways" I smiled he was walking out 
"thanks!" I yelled

*Harry's P.O.V*
I was done with the pancakes, Niall tried to take them but we both stopped when Casey walked down
Her hair was straightend [lauren-side-view]
and she was wearing [outfit1comfy] 
 she looked gorgeous, "your from new york?"
we both at down and at pancakes 
"have you ever watched wizards of waverly place?"
then she made one of those pancake monster things
which had both of us laughing.
after we were done with that we just sat down and watched TV

*Liam's P.O.V*
I had just came out of the bathroom and saw Casey she was stunning
"Hi Casey" I said smiling
I had a feeling she was mad at me, but what did I do?
did i forget to mention liam had a girlfriend.... oops :3
well who do you ship now #lasey or #hasey

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