Sometimes Love

Could love really be this hard? Is it possible that it can break your heart in more than one? I found this out when my best friend Harry styles told me he loved me. I didn't know how to respond. So I didn't. Did I make him cry did I hurt him? Human or not human I have to tell him. Before he leaves me.

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10. The two day phone call part2

Emily: The truth is that you know I am a vampire right?

Aliyah: Yeah i know that.

Emily: Well so are you

Aliyah: What do you mean I am a vampire I am not a vampire there is no way I mean I guess I had guessed that I was a vampire but I never actually new that I could be one and.....

Emily: There is more your a blood so your royal your mom and da were king and queen of saphire vampire council which I might add is very big and the highest council in vampie society.

Aliyah: Are you serious?!?!?!?!?!

Emily: Yes, and Me and Harry are your protectors but I am a fruit bat so harry is your main protector. He is a blood as well but only half. so he can survive on human food or blood.

Aliyah: OMG I just......   I had started to cry again Emily had just told me so much that I had not known about I knew I was a vampire that much I could make out and not have to guess but he knew and I didn't and yet he still loved me? HOW? It has been two or three days since I had last seen him so I knew I had to call him I didn't want to.

Emily: You have tyo call harry or I'll call him and I'll answer for you if thats what you want Princess?

Aliyah: Don't call me princess and yes i would like that.

Emily: I will I was just joking around and I'll dial his number.

      He had answered the phone after the second ring.

Harry: Hello?

Emily: Hi harry its Emily I am calling for emily you can say whatever you would like to say to her and I will answer but what I say will be what ever she had said for me to say to you>

Harry: OK.....Well for starters look alexis I am sorry if I had made you uncomfortable or if I had put you inshock and I am sure Emily has already told you what I am and what you are and what type of us you are and why i said that I was your protestor, but its true I do love you and I won't stop loving you until the day you die. or if you tell me you never want to see me again I will leave you forever and you will have Emily as a best friend and a protector instead of me.

                 In the back round I can hear a group of guys saying awwww thats so romantic. I knew that he feared that I would chose the worst, but I could never do that to anyone.

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