Sometimes Love

Could love really be this hard? Is it possible that it can break your heart in more than one? I found this out when my best friend Harry styles told me he loved me. I didn't know how to respond. So I didn't. Did I make him cry did I hurt him? Human or not human I have to tell him. Before he leaves me.

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17. The First Attack

The door flew open and ripped off the hinges. People came rushing in with guns and crossbows. They broke everything in site. Me and Emily were behind my bed with the door locked. The noises were getting louder and closer.

    Emily:" Did you call Harry?"

    Aliyah:"Yeah he's on his way over now. Oh my god ! He'll be put in the middle of all this."

    Emily:"No he won't he's Harry. Look Aliyah you need to run. Don't look back. I know what I'm doing."

     Aliyah:" What do you mean? I'm not leaving you!"

    Emily: "It won't be forever I'll see you again. I'm going to be your distraction so you can get out of here you are more important in this world and Harry needs you! I need you to live! You are going to go out the back window when I say three now I love you more than anything! Ready?"

  All I could muster up was a simple nod my best friend and cousin was going to kill herself so I could get away. I was scared, confused, and tired. I had no idea what to do. Emily started the count down.

  " On the count of 4. 1.........2........4!!!!! RUN!!!!"

       I darted to my window. But I sat there for the time being until they came down my hall. I heard someone who sounded a lot like Kaleb. " We will find you princess, I will get what belongs to me, I will have your crown and the powers you possess, By will or force. There is no where to run or hide, not from me. You will be mine!"

Then there was a knock on the door. "Open up princess it's your turn!"

I slipped the window open and landed in Harry's arms. I almost didn't get away from them. He literally is my knight in shining armor.

Harry: "Common Aliyah we need to go, get you safe, away from this. Louis is at my apartment with the get away car,"

Aliyah: "I can't go with you Emily's inside! They have her and I'm not leaving without her!"

Harry: "She took her life to save you, so you could get away and live. I'm sorry I had to tell you that."

           I started to cry. How could she? She left me. She died for me. FOR ME! How could she!? I fell to my knees I could hardly stand up again. My best friend died. Harry picked me up and ran til we reached his house. He set me down on his couch. He crouched before me "Are you okay? You aren't bleeding anywhere?"  I had scrapped my elbow on the way down so I showed him. I couldn't speak not after this day. He nodded and took me to the bathroom and cleaned my elbow. As he put the peroxide on it I cried not only did it hurt but she hurt my heart.

Harry: "It's Okay Love I know it stings but it'll stop in a few minutes there is no need to cry." he said wiping away my tears.

Aliyah:"That's not why I'm crying."

Harry: "It's okay let it out. What's wrong?"

Aliyah: "MY COUSIN SLASH BEST FRIEND JUST DIED!!!"  I stood up he took me in his arms and held me there.

Harry: "I'm sorry baby. You'll see her again I promise. There is still hope they didn't kill her."

Aliyah: "I guess your right."

Harry: "Think positive." he kissed the top of my head.

Aliyah: "I think the boys are here."

Harry: "And why do you say that?"

       I walked over to the door and yanked it open. All four of the other boys fell to the ground.

Aliyah: "That's why." I laughed.

         Louis was the first to get up.

Louis:" Well the cars ready lets go!" 

             Hey my lovelies sorry for the short chapter but I figured you'd all like to know I'm continuing the series well that is if I still reach my goal of twenty likes. So far I only have four but I figured every five likes I get I'll update a new chapter so keep those likes coming! So stay tuned to see what happens next I have a plan and there could be something that happens that involves Emily. Well its a plot twist. MMMWWWAAAAHHHHHAAAHHHA okay love ya lovelies and keep up the good work. 

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