Sometimes Love

Could love really be this hard? Is it possible that it can break your heart in more than one? I found this out when my best friend Harry styles told me he loved me. I didn't know how to respond. So I didn't. Did I make him cry did I hurt him? Human or not human I have to tell him. Before he leaves me.

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22. On the run

As we were being chased down the pathway by gun fire Louis pulled up in a silver 2014 Lexus.

Louis: " Get in!!" He yelled.

I was shoved into the car followed by a very crazy looking Harry. His hair was everywhere and his eyes which were naturally a deep green were a bright green.

Louis started to drive down the backroad as soon as we got into the car without us even shutting our door. The men from the house began to shoot at us.

Harry:"Get down Aliyah! Now!"

As I didn't feel like listening to him he shoved my head down.

Bang Bang Bang Bang is all you heard.

***********After the accident****************

We all sat in silence in the car. Until harry pulled me into his lap and fell asleep in my shoulder he was snoring very loudly. I never understood how he could sleep through anything. He was nothing like me when it came to things like that. He was such a deep sleeper. I remember once as children there had been an earth quake and he was at our house and he sleep through the entire thing. Unlike now where the situation is ten times different. Have no where to go, people hunting us, being shot at, a life or death situation. I snapped out of my thoughts when Louis said,

Louis:"We to stop at the next station and get gas."

We had been on the road for awhile now driving as far away from the place we called home. I slowly nodded my head.

Louis:" Are you not much of a talker are you? "

Aliyah:" I don't want to talk right now Lou. Is that okay?" I sassed him.

Louis:" I understand I'm sorry."

I had just lost another family member that I was close to. She's dead and really gone. I let her die for me, my only living family, I let her die for me. That's all I could think was about Emily.

Louis:" Niall is in the other car."

Aliyah:" I know."

Louis smiled :"He says hi."

"How's riding with Louis?"

Aliyah:" Lou why would you ask me about you?" I said aloud

Louis:" What are you talking about?"

Aliyah:" you just asked me how I liked riding with Louis?" I asked all confused.

Louis:" What are you talking about?"

"Hello???Aliyah are you there??"

Aliyah:" yes I'm here."

Louis:" who are you talking too?!" He asked concerned.

Aliyah:" I don't even know!"

"Aliyah it's Niall I'm talking to you from the other car."

"Oh hi Niall sorry."

"Haha it's okay it'll take some getting used to."

"Yeah tell me about it, so how's Liam behaving? I heard he's a little crazy from Harry."

"He's passed out, how's Harry?"

"He's passed out too."

"Haha I figured he must be exhausted."

"Yeah he's snoring."

"Haha that's Harry for you."

I laughed aloud. Unfortunately waking Harry up.

Harry:" what's so funny love?"

Aliyah:" oh nothing"

Harry:"You figured out telepathy didn't you?"

Aliyah:"Maybe" I giggled.

Harry smiled :" that's good your homing in your inner vampire."

" Niall Harry said your homing your inner vampire hahahahaha."

Aliyah:" hahahahaha"

Louis:" we need to stop for gas Harry so next stop we are getting some. Since Aliyah is "homing" her inner vampire you should let Niall or whoever you where talking to from the other car we are stopping for gas."

Aliyah:" okay" I giggled.

" Niall we are stopping for gas."

"Okay hey here's an idea so you wanna switch cars and come in ours?"

"I would love to just I have to ask "my protector" if I can."

"Okay" he said all depressed.

Aliyah:" can I switch cars at the next stop?"

Harry:" why??!!" He seemed frazzled

Aliyah:" because I want to talk to Niall."

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter but I've been really busy lately with school and being sick so I'll update soon.

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