Sometimes Love

Could love really be this hard? Is it possible that it can break your heart in more than one? I found this out when my best friend Harry styles told me he loved me. I didn't know how to respond. So I didn't. Did I make him cry did I hurt him? Human or not human I have to tell him. Before he leaves me.

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24. On the road againn

"Can I go into the other car at the next stop?"

Harry:"why would you want to do that?"

"Because I want to talk to Niall"

Harry:"how do you know Niall so well" he said with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh he used to come into the shack all the time with kaleb."

Harry:" who's Kaleb?"

I just sat there in silence didn't look at him didn't even move.

Harry said again:" Aliyah who's Kaleb?" He said getting angry.

When I looked up tears were at the brim of my eye

Aliyah:" He's the man who's been stalking me the man who stole my cousin and took her life! He's the one who took my life away from me and my family." I screamed at him and just cried. I crawled out of his lap and stared out the window. I didn't look at him. " I'm done talking to you for now." I said as we pulled into the gas station. I quickly got up and opened the door. As I walked to the car Niall got out and opened the passenger seat for me. Zayn got out and gave me the nastiest look.

Aliyah:" what's your problem?" I asked.

Zayn:" I was sleeping and then that asshole woke me up and told me to get out for you so good lucky with sing along Liam and chatter box Niall ."

It made me wonder why where they all in such a good mood during all this chaos? Why couldn't I think of something else other than the attack on my house? It made me wonder what my life would be like without the things I had or who I had or have? Who would I be what would it be like to live another persons life?

Niall:" don't think too much you might blow a gasket."

Aliyah:" sorry I spaced out on you."

Niall:" it's okay." He said with such a concerned face

Aliyah:" where are we off too next?"

Niall:" we'll we figured it's time for a change in this world so we are leaving for Seattle in America."

Aliyah:" I've never been to America. I need a passport though don't i?"

Niall:" ugh your new to this whole destruction and run thing aren't you? We have fakes in the trunks of our cars we also have many accessible weapons."

Aliyah:" for what? "

Niall:" we all swore our allegiance to you so we serve and protect you no matter the cause."

Aliyah:" oh ."

The rest of the car trip was boring eventually we stopped talking and Niall turned on the radio. I had assumed that Liam was passed out but as soon as I'm a Barbie girl came on he jumped up and started singing " imma Barbie girl in a Barbie world life's fantastic when your plastic." It was scary but at the same time put me at ease.

Okay so sorry guys for the long wait short chapter remember like comment favorite and give me some feed back or story ideas which are always welcome. Hey so what do u guys think of zayn leaving one direction? Should I make it happen in the book to make it more realistic or do you guys like the way it is ?

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