Sometimes Love

Could love really be this hard? Is it possible that it can break your heart in more than one? I found this out when my best friend Harry styles told me he loved me. I didn't know how to respond. So I didn't. Did I make him cry did I hurt him? Human or not human I have to tell him. Before he leaves me.

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7. Harry's P.O.V

    Harry's P.O.V.

  I can't believe she just sat there and didn't answer me all she did was sit there. I can't believe that I just told her how I felt. I had just told the girl of my dreams that I love her and she just sat there. Maybe she doesn't love me or even like me in that way? Maybe I should just move on? But I don't think thats possible. I'm just going to have to talk to lou about this maybe he has some advice that could help me about this. I call Lou and the phone rings he answers right away.

  Louis: Hello? Harry?

  Harry: Yes Lou its me   sniffle...tear..tear..sniffle

  Louis: Whats wrong with you you seem sad and are you crying?

  Harry: I was just crying because I had told Aliyah that I loved her........She didn't respond.

  Louis: OooHh her well, all I can say is that you should give her time and just maybe just maybe you could tell me all that happened?

  Harry: well We skipped school today because her parents died today, which yeah I know was pretty horrible and I know I shouldn't have said that I loved her today but I did. Anyway we watched a movie....      He cut me off

   Louis: What movie? Did you cry with her? Or not?

   Harry: The Titanic and yes I cried with her I hate the sad parts. Anyway Lou I told her to stop the movie and thats when I told her I LOVED her and she didn't respond. I got disappointed and then I left and told her i am sorry if she felt uncomfortable. And if she wanted to talk to just call. Lou I need you here to help me through this. I don't know what to do.

   Louis: Ok, I'll be right there in like five minutes.

   Harry: Ok I'll see you soon bye lou.

As soon as I got off the phone with Lou I called Zayn, Niall, and Liam. They all said that they would be over to my apartment in a little while.


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