Sometimes Love

Could love really be this hard? Is it possible that it can break your heart in more than one? I found this out when my best friend Harry styles told me he loved me. I didn't know how to respond. So I didn't. Did I make him cry did I hurt him? Human or not human I have to tell him. Before he leaves me.

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5. A little accident and My parents death

            Well I had just woken up and decided to take a shower like I always do except when I walk out I see a boy standing there. I start to scream my head off because it Harry. And I had no towel on so I was completly naked.

  He immedaitly says: I' m so sorry I didn't know you where in here and WoW your hot with no clothes on.

I scream even more. And Scream at the top of my lungs: HARRY GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM!

           As soon as that happened Emily comes charging in and says: Whats going on in here?!!?

  She sees Harry and Me with no towel on or any thing.

Emily: Harry get out of the bathroom NOW and Aliyah Anna Shamberlin can you explain to me what is going on here?!!    She looks at the window and says    : Nevermind I can see that this was not your doing and put some clothes on please.

   She walks out of the bathroom and starts screaming at harry and say things like what where you doing the bathroom! and why would you come in through the bathroom window in the first place!By the time the screaming match is over I am dresses andready to cry because of the way Emily and Harry fight it really upsets you. They never really liked each other so thats why it has made everything so hard. Even in the past like at birthday parties. Now I walk in and I tell Emily that I would like to talk to harry alone!

 Emily: Alright I'll be in your room I guess?        Aliyah: Harry Why were you in the bathroom in the first place? Its different if its in my bedroom, but the bathroom?

 Harry: I'm sorry, but Emily wouldn't let me in the door and I had to see you and your bedroom window was locked so I couldn't get in that way.

 Aliyah: Wait, What do you mean she didn't let in the door? She knows its this house is not her house. Are you sure it was her?

 Harry: Yes she wouldn't let me in the house and I was pretty sure it was her because who else would it be?

 Aliyah: IDK maybe some rober?

 Harry : Ok?   He new I was mad so I didn't want to hear me yell at Emily so I had told him to go get her and to stay in my room. He did as I had asked.


She starts to cry and says: I know I shouldn't have done what I had done but I am sorry ok I didn't mean to do it ok, I just thought he would leave and would just leave us alone so we could have some girl time but No he couldn't do that he had to come in through the window and I didn't no he would come in through the window.

 Aliyah: Don't think I'm not mad you , but you have to try to be nicer to him ok? It's ruining are friendship>

 Emily: Ok I'll try, But I am truely sorry.

       She walks out the door and Harry walks in.

Harry: The only way that I would be nice to her is if you told me I had to because it was ruining are relationship, I mean friendship.

 Aliyah: What did I say about easedropping?

 Harry: I wasn't easedropping. I heard you screaming at her for not letting me in. But I never knew you could be so upset because you are usually a very calm person not a mean aggresive person like you were. I mean you even made me feel bad for her.   He started to laugh whaich had made me smile.

Aliyah: It's not fuuny, ok I just got mad at her because your like family to me. So now if you would like we could go to school or just stay at my house and get into are P-jama's or do a half day because I don't really feel like going to school today and Today is my you know?    I start to get tears in my eyes so I turn around and finish my sentence.

 Aliyah: We could go to see there graves?

             I start to cry. He walks over to me and wipes away my tears and pulls me into his chest so I could cry.

 Harry: It's ok, you don't have to cry. I'll spend the day with you we could skip because I'm here with you all the way until the day you die or I die first which ever comes first but even after death I'll be with you I am your protector .

            He made me feel safe in his arms and know he would protect me but to speak about death already made me cry just a little bit more. I stop crying and Harry and I start to walk over to his house so he could get changed into his P-jama's. His P-jama's was a lime green T-shirt with a pair of black sweat pants. So I decided to hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek. He starts to blush.

  Harry: What was that for?

  Aliyah: That was for being an AWESOME friend and supporter and your shirt said so so I did.

         I say with a smile. I look at the ground and suddenly start to like of the song What Makes You Beatiful by my favorite band One Direction. And Yes I know my best friend is in the band and its weird how he doesn't want me to meet the band because he's afraid that if one of like me he would have to share me. We finally get back to my house and start to get some snacks together like chips, soda, ice cream, pretzels, ect. Harry helps me carry in all the stuff and we lay on my bed. We watch the titanic.

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