The Hunter

This is about Carters family being hunted by the dangerous and scary, Drew Hunter. Will Carters family survive on the run for the rest of their lives or will Drew catch up to them and end their lives like he was told to do?


2. The flight


Carter helped pack the rest of the bags into the cab and Rose was buckling up Evaline's seat belt. Evaline played with her teddy that she had gotten from her visit in Brazil. It was worn out and dark brown. It wore a right shirt with Brazil's flag on it. She sighed, remembering her past life there. She played in a beautiful park everyday and played with her best friend Marco. That was the day she left. Everywhere they went, she always felt like she was being watched and followed. That day, her dad came to get her and they just left to the airport. There she met Rose. A very pretty girl with long, bouncy orange hair and fiery eyes. She couldn't speak so Evaline had to learn sign language. 

They got along easily and very quickly, which made Carter happy. They went to Germany together and spent a few years there. Rose has always been her best friend, no matter where they were. Rose looked over at Evaline and softly tapped her shoulder. Evaline looked up and smiled, passing her Teddy to her. Rose smiled and stroked the Teddy's head.

"To the Airport and make it quick.",Carter demanded in a nervous voice as he spoke to the cab driver. He nodded silently and began to drive down elm street. Evaline turned to see her house slowly shrinking and then, gone. They knew that they would never come back.

Rose watched the scenery go by. She held Evaline's stuffed bear in her arms, thinking of where they would go next. Carter found her in Brazil on his business trip. After a few questions he let her come with them as long as she asked no questions and did as she was told. Rose didn't mind, it was better then what she grew up with. She ate and lived well.

"Stop here. C'mon girls, here we are now. Lets be quick and not miss our flight.", Carter insisted and payed the driver.

They all took their small bags and went into the airport. Rose and Evaline went to wait and Carter went for the tickets.

"Rose, do you know where we are going?"

Rose shook her head, no.

Evaline sighed in disappointment and looked around curiously.She spotted Carter coming back with three tickets in his hand. She frowned, seeing someone in a black coat and dark glasses.

"Evaline, you okay?", Carter asked as he started leading them to board the plane.

"Nothing Daddy.", she replied innocently as she watched the strange man. 

The stranger smiled at her as the boarded the plane.

"Where are we going now?" asked Evaline.

"Argentina.", Carter replied with an emotionless face. He had some things to finish.

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