The Hunter

This is about Carters family being hunted by the dangerous and scary, Drew Hunter. Will Carters family survive on the run for the rest of their lives or will Drew catch up to them and end their lives like he was told to do?


5. On the run


Rose made it to the park and sighed with relief. The two children looked at her oddly when she put her hand on her heart. They shrugged it off and moved over to the sand box. Evaline giggled as she threw sand into the air, watching it twirl in the sky. Ermando chuckled, shaking his head softly.

"We should build a castle!" Evaline suggested being all giddy inside.

Ermando agreed and they found a small bucket nearby.They started building the small castle in the sand box, laughing the entire time. Rose stood nearby with a smile on her face, forgetting about the strange man she had seen moments ago. Rose leaned down and began to help the two with their castle.

Ermando looked up and frowned. "Why you angry, mister?"

Rose looked confused as she turned behind her. She could not scream, only back away quickly. Rose quickly shielded Evaline behind her and braced for the worst. Rose looked over to Ermando, trying to warn him but he did not understand. Ermando stood up and began to run. He ran into the nearby bushes and out of sight. The stranger seemed to, sniff the air and then he ran after Ermando. Rose and Evaline watched as the stranger ran after the small boy. They could see black birds crying out and flying away from the trees.

Evaline whimpered softly and hugged Rose tightly. "Rose, I'm scared"

Rose nodded and slowly stood up, holding Evaline's hand tightly. Rose led her safely back home and into the house, scared out of her wits.

"Where have you two been?!" an angry voice cried. It was Carter.

"Daddy! We saw  the bogey man!"

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