The Hunter

This is about Carters family being hunted by the dangerous and scary, Drew Hunter. Will Carters family survive on the run for the rest of their lives or will Drew catch up to them and end their lives like he was told to do?


4. First Friend


Carter, Rose and Evaline settled in a small house that carter had bought right away. Rose unpacked the few things they brought with them, while Evaline played with her small bear. Carter paced frustrated, glancing out the window every so often. 

"Daddy, are you okay?", she asked in a concerned voice, clutching her teddy in her small hands. 

"I'm fine", he answered a little harshly. He sighed, seeing the hurt expression on his daughters face. "Sweetie I'm okay, just a little jumpy from the flight".

She nodded and walked up to him, giving him a big hug. "It's okay Dad. Your tummy will feel better soon".

He chuckled when she pat his stomach. Rose walked into the room, finished with putting away the few items they had with them. Change of clothes, toothbrushes, Evaline's teddies and Carters personal work bag.

The doorbell rang and Carter froze. Rose went to the door and answered it. There she saw a small boy, dark skinned with great brown eyes.

"Hello, my name is Ermando", he said proudly. He seemed the age of 10, two years older than Evaline.

Evaline walked to the door and smiled. "Hey! My name is Evaline", she replied, not having seen a child her age for a long time.

Carter smiled, along with Rose who had a big grin on her face. Evaline looked to her father, asking permission to go outside with him. He nodded and she was out the door with him.

Ermando laughed with Evaline as they ran to a nearby park. They went down the slide and swung on the swings. Rose watched them from the window, smiling happily.

"Rose, go out to the store and keep an eye on the two kids. I'm going out.", Carter said out of the back as the door slammed shut.

Rose sighed in response and got her coat. She put it on and took the money that he had left on the counter. She walked outside, passing the kids on her way to the store. She walked inside but frowned seeing a man dressed in black, with a fedora hat. No sunglasses, just piercing green eyes on his pale skin. 

Rose hurried back to the children at the park, the whole time she could only remember the deep scar left on the strangers face.

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