The Hunter

This is about Carters family being hunted by the dangerous and scary, Drew Hunter. Will Carters family survive on the run for the rest of their lives or will Drew catch up to them and end their lives like he was told to do?


1. Carter


Carter hurried down the alley of a deserted neighborhood. The others were hiding in fear with the blinds closed shut, doors locked and quiet as a mouse. The small girl beside carter, running just as fast began to whine. She tossed her curly brown hair from her face. She held her teddy tight in her small hands.

"But Daddy, I don't wanna go! I like it here!", she complained to Carter.

"Evaline sweetie, you understand why we have to go. Rose will be with us at the airport and we can start over. I'll get you a new teddy like I do every time we move", he explained to his daughter.

She pouted and slowed down, still holding her dad's hand. He stopped and looked around frantically. He knelled down to her and looked his daughter into her sparking, ocean blue.

"Daddy...", she whimpered as she looked at her dad.

His hair was dirty brown and curly, his eyes a rich earth brown and his skin white as a sheet. He was obviously frightened and frantic. He wore a plaid blue shirt with black pants. He had picked her up from the babysitters house.

"Evaline, It will be okay. Now come, I promise we will hang out and so on.", Carter said as he picked her up, scooping her into his arms.

Evaline nodded her head as she buried her face into his chest. Carter began to hurry and he ended up on elm road. He quickened his pace when he saw his home, a little farther off. He ran with her in his arms as the door was being opened. Rose ushered them in and closed the door.

"Is it all packed and ready?", Carter asked Rose.

She nodded politely and pointed to packed bags and bags. In the corner was five stuffed bears. Each unique but the same. They were all from another country that they had stayed in. Running and hiding. She has been doing that her entire life.

"Good, good. Go change and call a cab.", Carter demanded and Rose rushed into the other room.

Evaline stood by the window, looking out at the empty road. She squinted when she saw a dark figure by the post. He was dressed in black and glasses but he seemed to stare right at her. And on the post, screeched a falcon. That was odd.

"Honey, away from the window.", he said as he softly pulled her away.

As the blinds closed Evaline thought she could see the stranger smile right at her, then he was gone.


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