The Hunter

This is about Carters family being hunted by the dangerous and scary, Drew Hunter. Will Carters family survive on the run for the rest of their lives or will Drew catch up to them and end their lives like he was told to do?


3. Argentina


Carter, Rose and Evaline were in the Argentinean airport. It was a long flight, leaving them with things to think over. Rose was glad the flight was over and they were out of South Dakota. She always found it uncomfortable with the eerie silence of the place and a chilling shadow seemed to follow you. In Brazil, everything was loud and never really quiet.

Evaline held Rose's hand as she looked around curiously. Her father was getting papers in order. Where did he get all of those papers? He seemed to be carrying hundreds of them and use them for every flight. She looked around again and saw a small shop with souvenirs and other things. Evaline tugged on Rose's hand and pointed towards the gift shop.

"Rose, look! Can we go in there? Pretty please!", she whined quietly. Evaline gave her best puppy dog face, where her lips pouted at the right angle and her eyes seemed to have a shimmery gloss to them.

Rose glanced at Carter, who in return gave a small nod. He seemed to be almost finished. Rose looked down to the small girl and smiled, nudging her towards the shop. Evaline gave a squeal of joy and ran to the shop, dragging Rose behind her.

Carter saw them run towards the shop and he smiled softly. They were so happy together and it did good for Evaline's heart. Her mother has been missing for a few years now. Carter scowled to himself and shook his head.

"Having bad thoughts, my old friend?", a rough voice asked from behind Carter.

Carter did not react. "Lenardo. You have no business here.", he threatened in a low voice.

"What a beautiful young girl you have. Such pretty blue eyes. Just like her mothers.", he continued on not listening to Carter.

Carter was getting frustrated. "I told you to stay away from my girl. I told you to stay away from all of us, including Rose.".

Lenardo turned to face Carter, their eyes meeting. His eyes dark green with a scar through the left eye. Lenardo gave a grin to Carter.

"You took her from me. I get revenge is what you wanted for what happened to Janice but taking one of my employers is not how you settle it. I had no part in what happened to her. Carter, you are stepping over some very tough lines.", he warned. He rubbed his blonde mustache then ran his hand through his wavy, dirty hair.

Carter cursed softly at the man in front of him. "I did not take her. You will pay for what you did to my wife and you will suffer. for it, I assure you."

Lenardo cracked his knuckles through his black, leather gloves. "I will send Drew after you if you do not back off."

"You don't mean that. You wouldn't dare."

"Yes I would. You know I do. Have a good stay in Argentina."

Carter watched Lenardo walk away into the crowd. He cursed again, his head swirling. He walked to the shop where he saw Rose playing with Evaline. She was giggling, while holding a small brown bear in a blue and white, striped shirt. Behind the gift shop, at the coffee shop sat a man dressed in black wearing a black fedora and dark glasses. Carter took a step closer with nervousness. With each step, the strangers smile grew wider and wider.

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