Niall and Hope have been Best friends since First Grade. But what happens when
Hope's dad dies, and she has to move. Will Niall tell her about his secret feelings for her? Will he make her stay? Or will he let her leave? Find out in "Lost".


3. Ending I forgot to add to Chapter Two

Hope's POV

I walked into the Counseler's Office, anticipating on what will happen next. My mum, my older sister Emily, and Niall were all sitting in there. Niall looked really confused and nervous, my mum and Emily had red eyes from crying. "What's going on?!" I asked very loudly. Niall shot up from his seat and stood next to me. "Yeah, I've been sitting here for like, 5 minutes," He said to Emily. Emily walked over to me and said, "Hope... Dad's dead."

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