Niall and Hope have been Best friends since First Grade. But what happens when
Hope's dad dies, and she has to move. Will Niall tell her about his secret feelings for her? Will he make her stay? Or will he let her leave? Find out in "Lost".


2. Chapter Two

Hope's POV


I ran onto the bus and took my usual seat. I put my bag down next to me and put in my headphones.

I looked out the window and saw suburban neighborhoods. With perfect little lawnmowers in perfect little garages. Perfect kids waiting with their perfect mothers. 'It's like a freakin' dollhouse...' I thought to myself. 

Just then, the bus pulled up to the school. I grabbed my bag and got off the bus. Looking around, I saw this huge campus. Girls with short, little miniskirts were walking around with textbooks in their arms. Jocks running around acting like five year olds. I rolled my eyes and walked into the school. Pushing through the huge sea of people, I finally found my locker. I put in the com and it opened up.

"Goooooood Morning Hope Winters," My best friend, Niall Horan, said as he slid up to my locker. "Morning Ni," I said smiling. Niall was my best friend since probably, the first grade. We both loved to eat, so we kinda clicked. He may be a guy, but he's like, my other half.

"So did you ask your mum if you could come over tonight?" He asked. "Oh Crap! Well, my mum probably won't care," I said. "Well alright then," Niall said with a laugh. "Uhm, why tonight?" I asked curiously. "My grandmother's coming over and I wanted to share her amazingly famous apple pie with you, silly!" He said really fast. "Wow, you sharing food? I must be special," I said laughing. 

I reached Spanish Class. Niall had Chemistry, but he walked in with me. "Hola Seniorita," Niall said to the teacher with a wink. He was leaning on her desk. "Get to class Niall." My teacher said with a completely straight face. Me and Niall started laughing so hard. Niall slid back out to the hallway. I sat in the very back seat and put a headphone in. I started drawing some cartoons. 

I was so focused on my cartoons that I didn't even notice the teacher say my name. "Hope Winters!" The teacher yelled. My head shot up like a bullet. "You're needed in the office. Take your things." She said, kind of laughing. I grabbed my stuff and headed down to the office. When I got in there, the secretary told me to go into the counseling office. I never get called down to the counseling office... What's going on??

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