Niall and Hope have been Best friends since First Grade. But what happens when
Hope's dad dies, and she has to move. Will Niall tell her about his secret feelings for her? Will he make her stay? Or will he let her leave? Find out in "Lost".


4. Chapter Three

Hope's POV

Have you ever had that feeling, where you can't move, can't breathe, can't do anything? I was having that moment. My mum started to cry really hard. I think Niall was having the same feeling I was. My vision started to blur and I looked over at Niall, right before I collapsed. "Hope!" I heard Niall yell as he caught me. Then everything went black.

I had a dream, more of a memory really, of when we took a family trip to my grandmother's beach house. My dad, Emily, and I were on an empty beach.

My dad held our hands and took us up to the water. I was five and Emily was ten. "Look! Look over there!" My dad said, pointing over to under a rock. He reached over towards it and grabbed a small crab; about the size of his palm. "Oh my gosh daddy! It's a fishie!" Emily said, with wide eyes and a huge smile on her lips. "Fishie!" I yelled, with the same expression. My dad laughed, "Girls, this is a crab! They love in the ocean, want to touch it?" He said with a huge smile, motioning us towards him. We raced over to him and pet the crab. "Crab!" I yelled. My dad laughed and smiled at us. "Time to let it go," My dad said, releasing it into the ocean. "That was a good crab," Emily said, frowning. My dad laughed, "Yes it was Em." "Ken! Bring the girls in here! Missy and Niall are here!" My mum yelled down to the beach. My dad picked us up and ran up to the little beach house, making superman "whoosh" sounds. Me and Emily laughed so hard. We got into the kitchen and he put us down. Emily and I ran up to five year old Niall, and his mum, Missy. "Hi guys!" Missy said, pulling us into a great big hug. We had a great day that day. We played, and swam, and just did all sorts of stuff. Then it became dark, so my dad built us kids, a huge fort in the living room. Niall, Emily and me, and my dad climbed in. Emily turned on a flashlight and started making spooky sounds. My dad told us some stories and Niall fell asleep. Emily and I were wide awake though. My dad sang us a lullaby to us as we drifted off to sleep. "I love you. I will always be here, don't you forget that" He said, then he kissed us all on the forehead and climbed out of the fort. "Hope! Hope! Hope please wake up!!" I heard Niall yell through tears. 

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