Niall and Hope have been Best friends since First Grade. But what happens when
Hope's dad dies, and she has to move. Will Niall tell her about his secret feelings for her? Will he make her stay? Or will he let her leave? Find out in "Lost".


5. Chapter Four

Hope's POV

I woke up and Niall was shaking me, crying and yelling my name. "Niall! What's wrong?!" I said worried. "Ken is dead!!" Niall said, slumping down a wall, crying hard. "What?!" I yelled. "Hope! It's going to be okay! We're here!" Emily said. Niall stood up. "IT'S NOT OKAY! MY FATHER IS DEAD! HOW IS IT GOING TO BE OKAY?!" I screamed at her. "EMILY WHA-" Niall cut me off and hugged me tight. I eventually hugged him back and cried as hard as I could, into his shoulder. I felt safe. 

About an hour after, we all calmed down enough to go home. Niall took my hand and helped me to the car. My mom was still in her state, so Emily had to drive. I eventually cried myself to sleep in the car. 

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