The Babysitters .

Hey , this is my first fanfic and I just hope you like this book .

Hi , my name's Angel . My mom's getting married and going on her honeymoon , but she's leaving me in my house all alone . Unless she gets me a baby sitter . Well , that's all you need to know for now , so like , stop reading this ..... Like now ...


19. Show..

We got to the show and I stood behind the cameras while the boys and dad were talking to the host. On the outside I looked as if I were bored, on the inside.. I'm freaking out. What if I say something wrong? What if I don't look okay? What if I'm too short? I CAN'T CHANGE MY HEIGHT.

All of a sudden I hear my name being called. "Come on out!" I walk in and sit on the couch next to Zayn and I already feel like I'm going to pass out. Zayn puts his hand on my knee for support as the lady asks us all questions.

"What made you want to sing?" I was expecting this question and I was thinking about the answer for a while. It never dawned on me how much I love singing till now. I smiled at the woman and said what came to mind.

"Singing was always an escape from the world for me and once I realized I was good, I just thought I would take my life to the next level."

Zayn looked at me and smiled when I finally started to relax.

"Are you and Zayn a thing?" I went stiff and probably looked like I had seen a ghost. Honestly, I don't know what he and I are..

What are we..?


SORRY THIS IS SO SHORT. I just am having some really bad writers block and I don't know what to dooooo. Alright, so I'm thinking of adding the boys some girlfriends maybe? If anyone is interested, kik me! Jessica_babes_ maybe y'all can help with my writers block also! Love you all!

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