The Babysitters .

Hey , this is my first fanfic and I just hope you like this book .

Hi , my name's Angel . My mom's getting married and going on her honeymoon , but she's leaving me in my house all alone . Unless she gets me a baby sitter . Well , that's all you need to know for now , so like , stop reading this ..... Like now ...


13. My week in the hospital.

I woke up the next morning hearing 2 people whisper yelling at each other. I think it's the morning anyways, I'm not opening my eyes just yet. "Dude, what's your problem? When she woke up yesterday, you seemed mad at HER. She has done nothing to you." A voice said, "I'm not pissed at her. I'm pissed at him. If he didn't take her to those places and she stayed here, then we wouldn't be here. She wouldn't be unhappy and everyone would be okay." Another voice said.


I wanted to open my eyes now, so I did. I made a weird  noise and they snapped their heads in my direction. It was Niall and Zayn. Zayn wasn't mad at me, he was mad at Louis for making me have whatever happened to me. I stretched out and they ran to my sides asking if I was okay and if I needed anything. They were freaking out that I was awake. I just told Niall that I was hungry and he went to go get me something and himself something.


"What were y'all talking about?" I asked Zayn as I tried to lift myself up but failed terribly and fell on my back with a little yelp. "OH MY GOD! ARE YOU OKAY?!" He asked franticly. "Yes I'm fine, could you just help me up?" I asked him. He chuckled and helped me up while fixing my pillows so I could stay up. "Thanks" I said with a blush on my cheeks. "Anytime love." He said. I scooted over in my "bed" and told him to lay next to me. He looked at me, hesitating for a minute before getting under the covers with me. I smiled and said, "I know those chairs are not comfortable, so you can be up here with me. Where did everyone go? I mean I know where Niall is, just not where anyone else is." I start to ramble.. I'm so stupid.


"They went home for meds, clothes, showers, etc. They didn't want to leave you all alone so me and Niall said we would stay with you, once you woke up though, Niall was to go home and do what he needed to do there and they would bring my clothes and stuff to me so I could stay here with you and that you wouldn't be alone. Sorry, that's a lot to say haha," he said in what seemed like one breath haha.


This was pretty much how it stayed for the rest of the week. Everyone would come visit me, Manuel broke up with me, I got better and tomorrow I get released from the hospital. YES.

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