The Babysitters .

Hey , this is my first fanfic and I just hope you like this book .

Hi , my name's Angel . My mom's getting married and going on her honeymoon , but she's leaving me in my house all alone . Unless she gets me a baby sitter . Well , that's all you need to know for now , so like , stop reading this ..... Like now ...


8. Home.

We finally got done with my cheer practice and went home.  When we finally got to my house I jumped out of the car and ran inside while Zayn was trying so hard not to fall. I laughed at him and practically carried him inside of my house. The others kinda looked at me and him noticing I'm not sweating yet he is. I let go of him and he fell to the floor and laid there while groaning. "How are you able to do that 3 times a week?!" he yelled. I just laughed really hard while I grabbed him an ice pack and tossed it to him. He caught it and tried to cover his arms with them. I laughed and went to my moms bathroom and started a bath. I waited till it filled to the right amount, called Zayn in and told him to relax in the bath and that it would help, after that I put some bath salt in it and left him to take a bath.


While I was walking out of the bathroom Louis was standing in front of me. "wassup drama queen?" I said while giggling. He chuckled and put his hands on his hips saying, "Well, ya know! I'm wanting some movie marathons, DUH." I started laughing and told him that I'll get the movies while he gets drinks and snacks and Liam gets blankets and pillows. I ran upstairs and got some, then ran downstairs and got more. Once I was done, I put them into alphabetical order and said that it was gonna be how we were gonna watch them.


"what movie first princess?" Niall asked me. "Princess? I like that. And we are gonna watch Anne." I smiled big at my movie choice. "well, let's get to watching!" they all said at the same time.

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