The Babysitters .

Hey , this is my first fanfic and I just hope you like this book .

Hi , my name's Angel . My mom's getting married and going on her honeymoon , but she's leaving me in my house all alone . Unless she gets me a baby sitter . Well , that's all you need to know for now , so like , stop reading this ..... Like now ...


3. Having one on one time with each boy. Yay..

"Angel, we decided that we would take 2 hours each with you just so we can get to know you better. Is that ok?" Liam asked me when I came downstairs. "Erm, yea sure. Sounds good with me. Whose first?" I asked. "ME I CALL HER FIRST!!!" Niall screamed. "Chill fatty, I need food first. Wanna go to the mall and get something there?" I asked Niall. He just pouted sense I called him fatty. "Niall, I'm sorry, I just haven't had food in like 30 minutes. I need something to eat or else I'm going to die!", "ME TOO!! LETS GOOOOO!!!" He yelled and off we go to the wonderful land called the mall. I miss the mall. I think I'll get Loretta, Ava, Kaden, Black Michael, White Michael ( sorry if I sound racist, I just have 2 bestfriends named Michael and ones black an ones white so we say black/white Michael haha ), and Manuel. Loretta is my bestfriend of 6 years, she's amazing, she has hair that's like a strawberry brown color, green-brown eyes, freckles all over her face which makes her look younger than 18, she's the sweetest girl in the world and is just absolutely perfect. Ava; she's been my bestfriend sense grade school, brown hair, green eyes, major attitude, gorgeous, and is always there when you need her. Kaden, been my bestfriend sense 7th grade, tall, dark brown hair, halarious, protective over me, and might I say, pretty hot ( yea I went there ). Black Michael, that kid, I've known him sense 7th grade, he's laid back, funny, and knows when I'm about to cry. White Michael, oh lord that child; he's been there sense 7th grade, he has brown hair, brown eyes, tall, funny, weird, but I love him to death, I would do anything for him. Manuel. Manuel is my boyfriend of almost 6 years. I love him so much, he's tall, country but city all in one, smart, cute, sweet, short hair, urg, he's just perfect. Well, I guess I should text them shouldn't I?


To~ My Other Half <3

           Hey, meet me at the mall babygirl!! I have a surprise of you!!

To~ My Best Friend c;

           What's up my little whore?! Omgg, Ava, come to the mall like now!!

To~ Kaden's the most amazing person alive! :D

            Hey, come to the mall loser! c;

To~ Black Michael is the best Michael ever! ;D

            So, you should like totes come to the mall. I love you bestfriend!! (;

To~ White Michael is just weird but you still love me!! <33333

            Hey, I miss you! Haven't seen you in forever!! Come to the mall!!

To~ The Love Of My Life <333333 :*

             Hey babe. Come see me at the mall, I love you baby! <3


From~ My other Half <3

              Ok baby, I'll see you in an hour, gotta  fill up the truck first c;

From~ My bestfriend c;

               Boo you whore! Haha, I'll be there in 5. Best be there or I'm gonna beat the white out your ass! I love you baby!!

From~ Kaden's the amazing person alive! :D

              Ok, I'll see what I can do. Thanks for waking me up though (;

From~ Black Michael is the best Michael ever! ;D

             Uhgg, ok. Fine. See you in 5.(:

From~ White Michael is just weird but you still love me!! <33333


From~ The Love Of My Life <333333 :*

             I'm already on my way. I love babygirl. Be safe. See you in a couple minutes. I LOVE YOU!!!!! <3333333 :*


And that was that, me an Niall headed to the mall. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!

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