The Babysitters .

Hey , this is my first fanfic and I just hope you like this book .

Hi , my name's Angel . My mom's getting married and going on her honeymoon , but she's leaving me in my house all alone . Unless she gets me a baby sitter . Well , that's all you need to know for now , so like , stop reading this ..... Like now ...


15. Cheer practice with Zayn, again.

Once I got ready and cleaned up, with the help of Zayn of course. He helped me pull my hair into my high pony tail and put my cheer bow in it. I put my uniform on and he also tied my shoes for me. I put a thin jacket on so I at least looked liked I had more clothes on.


"Are you sure you want to go to practice right when you got out of the hospital?" Liam asked me as I was about to walk through the front door. "Yes, I'm sure. Thanks guys!" I said back with a fake smile. Niall looked at me, he never believes me when it comes to this, "if it's okay with you and Zayn, Princess, I would like to come with you guys." Niall said, "OF COURSE YOU CAN!" I told him. Once I said that, we walked out the door and headed for cheer. We got into Zayn's Camaro and drove to my cheer academy.


I walked in with the boys stuck up my ass, signed in, then went straight to stretching. The boys decided that they were going to stretch with me and be there if we needed help. It's a good thing they were there, one of my guys decided to lock his arm and broke his arm. He can't cheer. That's like the first thing we were taught, NEVER LOCK YOUR ARMS. We even have a sign that says that. "5, 6, 7, 8! 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, 5, 6, 7,8! AGAIN." Says my coach. "Can we not?" my cheer sister groaned as we got back into position. I giggled and said, "don't drop me this time," she laughed and got ready to lift me while Niall and Zayn get into position. "Don't drop me either guys!" I said to them while they shook their heads at me.


I started counting, "1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4! 5 6 7 8!" I was tossed into the air, flip twisted and put down while I was counting. Me being the loudest, I always count. Finally. We did it right. Like, dang. Finally.


"WATER BREAK!" Coach yelled to us, everyone ran to their bottles of water while I kept practicing. "Angel, you need to get some water." Zayn said to me while I did a round-off back handspring. "I'm good. I'm not thirsty. I'm not even sweating man!" I laughed but went to get some water just to make him happy. I walked back and started to talk to everyone. I wasn't paying attention when Zayn decided to pick me and toss me over his head to Niall and Niall caught me. "WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKK!" I screamed as I was being tossed around. Oh my god, please no one drop me. no one drop me. no one drop me. I'M FREAKING OUT MAN!


Finally it stopped and I was back on the ground. "ZAYN! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I screamed while he was laying on the ground laughing his ass off at me. I laughed then took his keys. Me having my license I can drive. "I'M DRIVING!" I yelled out and jumped into his car. "OH NO YOU AREN'T, GIVE ME BACK MY KEYS BABYGIRL!" Zayn yelled but I got into the car and locked the driver side so he couldn't get in.

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