it's about a girl Nina. she is new in town and immediately is in love with Louis. At her school is a boy who is being accused of killing his girlfriend. Nina wants to help him and she tries to find out what really happened the night that Layla disappeared.


2. who wins?

 "Yes, how do you know?" I asked. "You are the person everyone talks about. Xander bullies that boy more than 6 years and that didn't get any better with the disappearing of Layla two years ago. You are the first one who stands up for him."  The guy flirted. "That's enough Ethan." Louis reacted. "It's okay." I smiled. He sat down. "I want to take you to the local restaurant Friday just as friends." Ethan said out of nowhere. "I have a basketball game." I smiled. "You play basketball?" he asked. "I do and it's an important game we play against my old team." I smiled. "Against your friends." Ethan said. "My friends were in the girl group, I was at the boys team, they were my friends till I dated one of them, he was such a jerk and this Friday I will beat him." I explained. "To bad I can't come and watch." Ethan mumbled. "Why not?" I asked. "The tickets are sold out." He smirked. "Well I invite you and Louis in as my guest, you can come in without paying anything, but you have to be with me, so I expect you guys at my house." I invited the boys. "I love to come." Ethan smiled and left to his friends. "And you?" I ask. "I'll be there." he smiled. "Thanks Boo." I smiled and give him a kiss at the cheek. "See you later." I smiled and went to Lorelei and the girls. "Are you hitting on my brother?" Phoebe asked me. "Maybe." I smiled. I looked around. Louis was sitting with Ethan and turned around to face me. I smiled. He smiled back. "Nina!" the girls shouted. I gave a little scream. "Why did you do that!?" I yelled to them before laughing it out. "I was talking to you, but you were looking at Lou." Mona laughed. "Sorry." I said. "Just admit it, you are crushing on Lou." Karen teased. "Fine, I confess, I have a crush on Lou, but you girls are going to keep it between us." I confess. "Nina!" Xander shouted and came to me. I stood up. Louis looked around to see what happened. "What do you want now?" I rolled with my eyes. "I am the boss here." he shouted. "I think you ruled long enough and hurt enough people." I spit to his feet. "You can't just walk in and make the playground yours." he yelled. "How did you do it?" I asked. "I fought for it." He said proud. "I don't do fighting. You can get hurt." I teased him. "No you will get hurt." he yelled mad. "You really want to hit a girl?" you asked him with puppy eyes. "No, but I will hurt you." he shouted. "Bring it, I’m not afraid of a guy like you." I said. "Fine, fight." he challenged you. "That is so exhausting. If I get you on your knees in one minute, I win." I yawned. "Deal." he smirked. One of his friends started his timer. Not even twenty seconds later Xander was on his knees. I had turned his arm and than grabbed his neck and forced him on his knees. I sat down and drank my juice. Xander stood up and ran over to you. Logan jumped in front of you and hit Xander in the stomach. I jumped up. "Enough Logan." I hold him back. "I'll get you jerk." Xander shouted. That was it. "Don't call my friend that way." I shouted and slapped him in his face. I made his nose bleed. "I am sorry." I apologized, I never hurt anyone. I look around and than ran away. I climb in the tree on the middle of the playground. "Nina!" The girls shout. I saw them looking around for you. "Nina!" Louis shouted. Logan walked by Louis side. Logan spotted you and ticked on Louis' arm. Louis looked confused. Logan walked to the tree. "Nina, get out of the tree!" He demanded. "Why don't you come up?" I shouted back. "You want me to come up, fine." He mumbled and climbed up. "Now you go down there." He decided. "I can't, I never hit anyone in the face before." I teared up. "I'm not good at comforting girls, but it is not a crime. You just stood up for me what was very sweet of you." Logan said. I smiled. "You're right, I just was so angry about the way they treat you." I chuckled. He jumped out of the tree. I let myself fall in his arms. He putted me on the ground. "Thank you." I said and hugged him. "Anytime." he whispered and hugged me back. I let go. "Nina, where were you?" Emily said and hugged me from behind. "Em, get off me." I laughed. "You give him what he deserved." Louis hushed. "You're right. I can't back down now." I said. I took Louis hand and went back to cafeteria. "Look who's back." Xander laughed. "She is afraid of hurting someone." A friend of him smiled. "Let them decide who their boss is on the playground." I suggested. Louis jumped on a table. "HEY!" He shouted. Everyone stopped talking and looked at Louis. "If you want Xander to be the box on the playground stand behind him, BUT if you want Nina to be the new leader go stand after her." He announced. Lorelei and the girls, Ethan, Louis and Logan stood after you, the others were afraid of Xander and his friends. "This is not good." Louis whispered. "Be patient." I whispered back. "It seems like you loose this time." Xander laughed. "That's cause they are afraid of you." I said. He hit you in the face. Louis wanted to help me, but I stopped him, "No, he thinks I am afraid of him now, but you can hit me as much as you want, I don't fear you.". "Fine." he hissed. "Your breath smells awful." I noticed. Everyone laughed. There was a boy who came stand after you. "Hi, welcome to the no-one-is-going-hurt-you club. What is your name?" I joked. "Liam." he laughed. Some girls stepped to your side. "Charlotte, what are you doing?" Xander's friend asked at a girl who was behind me. "You're a jerk." she said. "You bitch." he shouted and tried to attack her. I stopped him. "Stay calm." I hushed. He looked mad at me and than stepped back. "You could easily hit her." Xander hissed. "Sorry, but i can't hit her." He whispered and stepped behind me. Now many followed. Xander and the most popular girl and her group stood opposite me. "Seems like i am the new leader." I smiled. "Can I talk to you in private?" he asked. "Sure." I responded. We stepped to the playground were it was quiet.  "I am sorry how I acted I know I looked like a rich jerk, but I'm not like that, I act that way, cause on my previous school i got bullied by the rich guys." he started. I shocked. "Are you feeling alright?" I joked. "Yeah, I just want to say i am sorry for my way of acting." He said. "You don't have to apologize to me you have to do that to the people you hurt." I say. "They'll think i'm weak." he responded. "You're being pathetic now." I said, trying really hard to control myself. "Look i don't want trouble with you." he came to the point. "If you leave everyone alone, we won't get any trouble." I smiled. I stood up and went back to the group. "Jerk." I said under a breath. "Hé, Nina, i've been looking for you." Ethan said and came to me. "What's up?" I smiled. "That was brave from you up there." he smiled. "I was just standing up for the ones who were afraid to do it." i blushed. The bell went. "I see you later." I said and hugged him. I went to my next subject chemic. The hour passed very slow. Two hours to go. Now I had Music, my favorite subject. I recognized the teacher, he learned me to play guitar. "Nina, how lovely to see you again." he welcomed me. "Good afternoon Mister B." I smiled. "We are going to play some instruments today, i assume Louis, you play the piano, and lead Steve, Lara and Max. Nina, you play the guitar and teach Lorelei and Lara the notes that they got to play. Gordon take the xylophone together with Jill, Dre, Conord and William. The rest claps their hands like this." he showed how it was done. Lara, Lorelei and i went to the three guitars. I looked at the notes and played them the class looked at me i had it right from the first not, the tone the rhythm. Louis smiled at me and he fell in with the piano. I looked up and smile back. The class clapped for us. "You play the piano very well." I winked. "Well you're not that bad either with the guitar." he laughed. In the break, I just laughed around with Louis and Lorelei. The last lesson was geographic, but it was study time cause the teacher was absent. My first day at a new school was over. "Logan, are you coming?" I asked. "Can we wait, my mother normally picks me up, i need to ask her if i can go with you." he sneezed. "Bless you. Sure, my mom will understand." I smiled. We walked to the parking lot. My mom was already waiting. She waved at me, in case i didn't saw her. I waved back. "Logan, my mother is over there, I'm going to warn her that we got an extra guest." i said and walked to my mom. "How was your first day at this new school?" she asked way to excited. "It went very well." i admitted. "I got a surprise for you." she smiled. "Mom, we got a project for school and Logan and i were going to work at it tonight." i smiled. "Oh well, that doesn't really matter, it's something you always wanted, but about Logan, where is he?" she asked. I looked around and saw him with a lady. "I'll get him." i offered and went to Logan. "Excuse me for interrupting, but Logan, we got to go my mom has a lot of work." I said polite. "I'm there in a minute." he answered. His mother looked really upset. "Madam?" I asked concerned. 

*This is the next chapter, it could take awhile for the third part hope you like it no hate please.

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