it's about a girl Nina. she is new in town and immediately is in love with Louis. At her school is a boy who is being accused of killing his girlfriend. Nina wants to help him and she tries to find out what really happened the night that Layla disappeared.


5. trouble

"Layla!?" Louis shouted. "Wait how do you know me?" She asked. "I am Nina, I'm helping Logan to find your killer, but your not death." I said confused. "Xander said Logan killed you." Louis said. "Killed me? Who's logan? Who is Xander? And who are you?" She didn't remember anything. "Don't you remember anything from what happened two years ago." I asked. "The first thing i remember is when i woke up in a hospital one year ago, i can't remember what happened before." She said. "is this you?" I asked and I showed her the picture Logan gave me. "Yes, how did you get this?" she asked. "Logan, your boyfriend before you disappeared, gave it to me." I explained. "I had a boyfriend?" she asked. "Yeah in fact the girl who lives here too is his sister. "Melody?" she asked. I looked at Louis. "Logan's sister." he whispered. "Yeah, have you seen her? I have a couple of questions." I asked. "No she's out, sorry." Layla said. "Okay, we'll come back another time." I smiled. Louis didn't follow. "I have one question for you Layla." Louis started, "Why did you leave us? it has been almost 3 years since you disappeared and Logan is still a mess.". "I didn't leave, something hit my head after i went to a guy, to see if he was alright." She said and looked like she remembered something. "Do you have a picture of that Logan guy?" she asked. Louis took his phone and showed a picture of Logan. "That's him, that's the guy i went to. He was unconscious and than it blacked." She said. I looked at Louis. She remembered. "Logan didn't do anything wrong." Louis said. If you remember anything from that night can you please let me know?" I asked and gave her my number. "I will thank you." she smiled. "Come on Louis, I'll beat you again at skateboarding." I laughed and we left to the park. Once there we had a lot of fun. It started to dark, I bumped int another skater. "Watch out where you are going loser." A guy said. "Nina? What are you doing here?" your ex boyfriend asked. "Are you alright?" Louis asked. "My foot hurts a bit." I said to Louis. "Wait let me help you." He offered and picked me up. "You didn't answer my question." Michael said. "Leave me alone, Michael." I sighted. "No not until you tell me." Michael said. Louis placed me  on a bench. "she said to leave her alone." Louis said. "And who are you to tell me what to do?" Michael said and pushed Louis. "Louis!" I shouted. "I care about her and you broke her heart so leave her alone." Louis said and punched him in the face. "Louis stop!" I shouted and tried to get over them. "I'll kill you man!" Michael shouted. "Louis! He's not worth it, come on." I tried. Louis stepped back and followed you. "Almost forgot, Louis, your sisters a really good kisser." Michael teased. Louis was mad you could see it in his eyes. "Louis, look at me." I whispered.  He ignored me. "What did you just say?" he said almost yelling.  "Louis, stop, look at me." i demanded. He didn't. He pushed me gently aside and stepped to Michael. Then I knew what was going to happen, i pulled Louis back, bad idea, cause he stepped on my feet. "He's setting you up we have to get out of here." I whispered. It was to late. We were in trouble.

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