it's about a girl Nina. she is new in town and immediately is in love with Louis. At her school is a boy who is being accused of killing his girlfriend. Nina wants to help him and she tries to find out what really happened the night that Layla disappeared.


1. The boy

*Nina’s story*


I was dreaming of chocolate when my alarm went off. I was very sleepy, but I had to get up it was the first day on a new school. "Wake up, Nina! You don't want to be late on your first day at a new school." My mother shouted from the kitchen. 'Great' I thought. My mother had a new job that is why we had to move. I was really mad about I, because I had to leave my friends behind. I finally managed to get up and get ready for school. "Morning, mom." I yawned. "I'll drop you at school, so put on your shoes, we are leaving in ten minutes." she said. I obeyed, cause I was too tired to argue with her. A few minutes later I stepped outside. I saw a boy skate past my new house. I loved skating, my best friend Moose taught me how to do it. I smiled and stepped in the car. I plugged my headphone in my iPod and started to listen to music, the only escape from the world I had left. "This is your new school." my mom smiled and dropped me of on the parking place. "Please don't do this to me, I hate it already, it's all fancy, I’m a street dancer a skater girl." I told my mother. "I'll pick you up after school." she told she and me drove of. I walked to the secretary. "Excuse me ma'am, I'm new here." I said to the woman behind the desk. "Ooh how nice, what is your name dear?" she asked. "Nina Moore." I replied. "Well you're in 3 science B." she smiled. "Thank you." I thanked her polide. The bell went. I was going to the class line when I dropped my notebook. "Miss Moore?" A man asked. I looked up: "Yes.". "Principal Caron." He introduced himself. I stood up. "I will bring you to class." he offered. I picked up a paper and than followed the principal. He knocked on the door. He entered. Everyone stood up. "Good morning students, I am here to present your new classmate, Nina Moore." He presented me. I just stood there. A boy smiled at me. I blush a little and smile back. "Nina, you can sit next to Lorelei." The teacher pointed in the direction of a happy girl. I nodded and sat next to the girl who was happy she had someone to talk to. "Lorelei, please pay attention." The teacher yelled. I took my book at the same page as her. The boy looked again at me. "Louis, you can talk to her after class, but please pay attention to the blackboard." The teacher shouted irritated. "Looks like someone needs more attention." Lorelei whispers. I had to laugh. "What is so funny, Nina?" He asked. "Nothing sir." I blushed of shame. The rest of the math class went normal. The class was over. "You're cool Nina." Lorelei smiled. "So is there anything else that I should know, except that you like to insult teachers." I joked. "I am the weirdest person on this school." she laughed. "I bet you're cool." I smiled. "I bet Louis likes you." she whispered in my ear and left to another girl in my class. I looked around, I had a cool class. I spotted a boy sit alone. I walked over to him. "Hi, what is your name?" I asked him. He looked at me. "Are you talking to me?" he asked nervous. "Yeah, so has shy boy a name?" I asked again. "Logan." he said. "Nina. Nice to meet you Logan." I introduce myself and sit next to him. "Why are you talking to me?" he asked. "Why are you sitting here alone?" I asked back. "Cause I'm not like them." he mumbled. "So, you don't have to be like them, be yourself and don't care about what others say." I pep talked him. "Good morning class." The teacher almost sang and everyone went to his own seat, including myself. "I see a new face, who are you?" the teacher asked. "Nina Moore." I smiled shyly. "Well tell me something about yourself." He smiled interested. "I like skateboarding, I play basketball and I write and I play the guitar and the piano." I said. "What do you write?" He asked. "Poems, song lyrics and books." I explained. "Can you give an example?" he asked. I took my notebook. "This is my first poem I ever wrote by myself. Words begin with A-B-C Numbers begin with 1-2-3 Song begin with Do-Re-Mi. and True love begins with you and me." I red. They all clapped. I felt proud. "Well that was beautiful written. Now let's start with our subject of this hour: Speaking. Next month every group that I will form later has, to do a speaking exercise about a segment you choose yourself. You have to write a speech about and give your opinion about the segment. Now the groups are: Steve and Lara, Max and James, Sarah and Lorelei, Massy and Dre, Logan and Xander, Louis and Penny, Sophie and Harry and Conord and Edward, William and Jill and than Gordon and Nina." The teacher explained. I saw Logan react sad when he heard with who he had to work. It was no surprise he was, Xander was like the football bad boy captain. "Sir, I want to work with Logan, I already talked with him and I don't know Gordon so can I please work with Logan." I asked. "Because you are new since today, I will make one exception. Gordon works with Xander and Nina works with Logan. Now you can already start, but keep it down." he demanded. I went to Logan. Logan thanked me. "No need to thank me. I couldn't let you work with that peace of junk." I joked. He laughed. "So what is going to be our segment?" he asked me. "What do you think about poor children all over the world." I suggested. "I love the idea. I think..." He stopped. "What do you think?" you ask. "You want my opinion?" he asked. "Why not we need it anyway." I smiled. "I think that they deserve some more attention, cause we don't know what it is like to be like them." he said. "See, it isn't that hard to give your opinion and guess what you're still alive." I joked. "That was it for today." The teacher announced. "We can work on it together after school. Are you free?" I asked him. "That sounds great." he smiled.  Lorelei came to me. "Come on I’ll present you my friends." she laughed. "I'll see you later." I winked to Logan and putted my stuff on my place. "Hey Nina." a boy called my name. I turned around to face him and I saw Louis. "Hey, Louis right?" "That's correct." he smiled. "I think it was sweet that you took Xander's place in that group, because Xander would've hurt him." he smiled. "I think most people judge him to fast." I said. I heard shouting at the other side of the little playground. Louis and I ran over to it. Xander was hurting Logan. I protected Logan. "Do not touch him again." I yelled. "And you are going to stop me?" he laughed. "Exactly." I smiled cheeky. He wanted to hit me, but he didn't know I did judo. I blocked his attack and turned his arm. He begged for mercy. "You stay away from him or I will be less kind." I threatened him and let him go. I turned to Logan. "Are you all right?" I asked him. He nodded. "Nina, watch out!" Lorelei shouted. I turned around and saw Xander's fist coming to me. Louis jumped in front of me. He blocked the attack. "What are you doing?" Xander asked. "I am standing up for myself, I am sick of you treating other people like a peace of junk." Louis confessed. I smiled. Xander looked mad and than ran away. "That was brave of you." I smiled. "I couldn't hide for ever." he chuckled, "I am probably out of my crew now.". "Sorry about that." I smirked. "It was worth it." He laughed. I helped Logan up. "Thank you again." he thanked you. "It was nothing." I smiled. "Girls this is Nina." Lorelei laughed. I turned around to see Lorelei and five girls smiling at me. "Nina, this are Emily, Natasha, Mona, Karen and Louis' sister Phoebe." She presented. "Hello, girls." I smiled. "Nobody of you is a shopaholic I hope?" I asked. "No." they all agreed. "Good, cause I don't know why, but I can't stand the girls who constantly need new clothes." I complained. "No worries, we are only cool." Mona joked. I laughed. The bell went. I went to the class line. Xander was looking mad at me, but I didn't care. I had new friends. I almost fell asleep after 2 hours of art class. I just didn't like the project. Draw an animal with words. Lucky for me it was lunchtime. I sat with Louis, since he got kicked out of his crew. Logan was sitting alone. "What happened with Logan?" I asked Louis. "I don't know exactly but they say he killed his girlfriend cause she was flirting with Max, but no one knows what happened. There was no body, she just disappeared." Louis explained. "He has to know the truth, right?" I suggested. "He doesn't know, they found him lying in the park. He must've been drunk." Louis suggested. "That must be awful to been accused for something you don't even know if it's true or not." I mumbled. "Vas happening here little boo." a guy said. "Boo?" I laughed. "You are Nina, wasn't it?" he asked me. The fact that he knew my name scared me. 

*This is my first book so hope you like it next chapter will be coming soon no hate please*

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