it's about a girl Nina. she is new in town and immediately is in love with Louis. At her school is a boy who is being accused of killing his girlfriend. Nina wants to help him and she tries to find out what really happened the night that Layla disappeared.


4. shocking reveal

*Nina's story.*

I hugged Logan really tight. He cried really hard. "Why didn't you tell anybody? this proves you're innocent." I concluded. "I did, to the police, but they didn't believe me, so i kept it to me." He almost yelled at me. "I am going to find the bastard." I promised. "Don't do something stupid." Logan begged. "They hurt my friend they are going to watch out." i laughed. "i am serious, Nina. I don't want to lose you to, i lost my dad, my mother is depressed and well my sister moved out and never want to see me again after what happened." he sobbed. I hugged him even tighter. "I didn't know." I mumbled. "It's alright, you couldn't know any of my troubles." he sighted and dried his tears. "I want to meet you're sister, she can't forget you." I tried again. "You go, i already tried and she slammed the door in my face." he said. "Do you have a photo of Layla?" I asked a little afraid of his reaction. He just nodded. He took his wallet. She was beautiful. She had long light curly brown hair, green eyes and a bright smile. "Where lives your sister i'm going to visit her." I decided. "Fine, but I'm not accompany you." Logan yawned and wrote his sisters address at a peace of paper. "Here you are it's not that far from here." He gave me a little smile. I thanked him. "I should probably go home to my mother."  Logan said and packed his stuff. "I'll see you tomorrow." I smiled and gave him a tight hug. "Stay strong Logan. I'll find the person who did this." i promised him. "Fine, but don't do anything stupid." he said. He left. You lay on your bed and texted Louis' sister Phoebe. “whats up?“ You texted her. “Not much Louis is trying to get your number from my phone and too much homework!!!“ she complained. “I know right!“ I texted back. " That evening went fast. The next morning, everything was back to how you lived back home. "Mom?" i shouted trough the house. I saw a note on the kitchen table. She was already to work. I took my skateboard and left to school. When i stepped out of my house, Louis was waiting at the garage. "What are you doing here?" I smiled. "I thought you could use some company." He smiled. "That would be nice." I blushed. We both stepped on our board. He tried to impress me with some stunts. "That's cute." i laughed and jumped at a railing. He was impressed. "How did you do that?" He asked overwhelmed. "I'm not like other girls. I like basketball, I used to hang out all day at our local skate park." I smiled. We arrived at school. Xander was waiting for me, cause as soon you arrived he stood up. "Nina, can we talk about something, in private?" he asked. "I'll be there in a minute." I said to Louis. He left. "I heard that you wanted to visit Logan's sister." he started. "How do you know that?" I asked mad. "That doesn't matter." he answered. "Yes it does." I said. "I may have pressured Logan to say what you were up to." he said. "I told you, you had to leave him alone." I shouted. "Why do you want to reopen the Layla case?" He asked. "cause I want to know the truth." I replied and started to walk away. "She is killed by Logan." he said. "Than where is the body the evidence?" I asked, "I want to find that.". "Why?" he asked. "Why not? Are you afraid I'll get you as the real bad guy?" I said. "No, but how are you going to solve a case that was 2 years ago." He yelled. "I have no idea yet, but I'll find a way." I sighed and jumped on my skateboard. I jumped on a bench. Louis did the same. Everybody was impressed. "You want to play a game?" I asked him smiling. "Bring it on." He laughed and jumped over a couple of backpacks. "Try to beat that!" He shouted. "Is that the best you can do?" I shouted back. I started and next I imagine to be in the skate park. I jump on the bench turn and I stood on my hands and finally I did the same jump as Louis. "How on earth did you do that?" he stood by it and looked at me. "Learned from my best friend back in my town." I said proud. "Can you teach me those?" Louis begged you. "Yeah sure, how about after school, i need to do something and than we'll practice." I smiled. "Nina, you're crazy, no girl ever did that." Mona shouted and hugged me. "I look foreword to our meeting." Louis joked. I had to laugh. Mona and I walked over to Lorelei and Natasha. "Someone has a admire." Karen smiled. "Stop it, he is just really cute and he probably just likes me as a friend." I blushed. "Our shy little girl." Phoebe teased me. The rest of the day went by like any normal day. "Come on." I mumbled and watched the clock. The bell went. I put everything quickly in my bag. I needed to get out of class, it was so boring. "Where are we going?" Louis asked. "You'll see." I avoid his question. We skateboarded to the address Logan gave me. "Nina, what are we doing at Logan's sister's house?" Louis asked. "I am reopening the Layla-case." I explained. I knocked at the door, cause I was to lazy to find the doorbell. I looked at the picture Logan gave me. The door opened. "Yes?" The young lady said. Louis and I couldn't believe our eyes.

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