it's about a girl Nina. she is new in town and immediately is in love with Louis. At her school is a boy who is being accused of killing his girlfriend. Nina wants to help him and she tries to find out what really happened the night that Layla disappeared.


3. Logan's side of the story

"What!?" she shouted. I shocked by her reaction. "Mom, she's my friend, she's not one of them." Logan defended me. "Can't you see she is just like those other kids." she totally lost her control. "Logan, i'm just waiting over there." I said and sneaked away. i stood a little farther and watched how Logan tried to convince his mother that i wasn't like Xander.

*Logan story*

"Mom, she is really nice, she stood up for me today and she offered to work with me, so i didn't had to work with the biggest loser out of my class." I tried. "No, Logan, I don't want you to get hurt." My mother worried. "I won't mom." I assured her. "Fine, be home at 6." she said. I walked over to Nina. "Is everything alright?" she asked feeling guilty about my mother freaking out. "Yeah, sorry about my mother, she is too worried about me." I apologized. "I know that kind of mothers, it's good they show that they care." she smiled. I had to laugh. "Logan my mom. Mom, my partner Logan." She introduced. "How nice, she has a friend on her first day, you're always welcome." Her mother smiled. "Thank you ma'am, nice to meet you." I said shyly. "Ma'am, you make me feel old, call me Melissa." she laughed and get in the car. "Sorry about my mom." Nina whispered and opened the door. We both cracked up and get in. "What's so funny?" her mother asked. "Nothing mom." Nina smiled and started laughing again. "Stop, stop laughing." I begged her. We finally stopped and try to control ourselves again. "Nina, your father called today he wants to see you this weekend." her mom broke the silence. "No, i never want to see him again." she protested. "I'm sorry, but you have to go." Melissa tried to stay calm. Nina looked sad at me. "Hey, come here." I hushed and gave her a hug. "Thanx i needed one." she smiled. "Your my friend, i can't stand it when your sad, it makes me sad." I tried to make her laugh again. "That's so sweet." she shined. "We're here." Her mother announced. Nina and I got out of the car. I was impressed by her house, it was special. it was a white house, but each window had another color. "Awesome, isn't it?" she smile proud. "It's beautiful." Was the only thing i could say. "My room is the red window." She smiled. "Come in." Her mother invited. Nina took my hand. "Come on, I'll show you around." she pulled me in. "Not that fast Nina." her mother said, "I still need to give you your present.". Nina her eyes widen. "Mom, is that a skateboard for me?" she asked happy. "Yes sweetie, cause from tomorrow you have to go to school by yourself." her mother smiled. Nina thanked her mom a hundred times, while i just stood there. She took her board and led me to her room. "Tada." she smiled. I entered the room and looked around. Her room was wonderful, her room was electric blue and she had a awl where you could write on like a school board. and she got a guitar in her room. "Make yourself comfortable." she smiled and sat down on her bed. She took her notebook and looked at me. "So what do we already had?" she started. "My opinion that they deserve more attention, cause we don't know what it is like to live like them." I said and sat down next to her. She wrote it at top of the page in curly lettres. "I would put some photo's between it." she suggested. I liked the idea. a few hours later we were pretty far. Nina was laying on her bed. She was writing an opinion about charity. 'Man she's beautiful' i thought. "Logan, there is something i want to ask you." she interrupted my thoughts. "What happened two years ago, i know Layla disappeared, but you are the onl one who knows what really happened." she shocked me. "You know about that and you still want to talk to me?" I asked worried. "I'm not like them they judge you and i won't, it's in the past." she said and look straight at me. "Fine, but you are the only person i tell it to and please keep it to yourself." I stated. She promised it. "So it was prom two years ago and Layla, my girlfriend didn't feel well so we went out to get some air and there was a guy bugging my girlfriend. I hated it and I lost my control and I attacked the guy, who knocked me back, when i woke up it was day and they told me Layla was gone." I cried. She hugged me tight. I hugged back. 

*This one's a little shorter hope you like it.*

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