Zone 4

Earth has changed since the Meteorite. Now everyone has a power of their own and a mate who shares the same one as them. But not Stone, she lives without one and now she's going to learn what happens to the people like her.
She's Told her New hime will be In Zone 4. No one knows what will really be out there. And on her way there she'll be babysat by a handsome but silent boy whose powers are one of the best out there. On the road, or shall I say air, it gets tough for Stone. Secrets will be told and hidden and only Stone knows how she'll cope.


2. The Protectors

   I am waiting in the line for Mrs Nagir, just like all the other girls. I stand silent hugging my arms to my chest. Butterflies, no more like bees, buzz in my stomach. I'm only five away from the start and the girls don't take long in there, it's just a step in then she writes down your power. But for me there's not going to be one. And I'm worried. My hearts beating three times as fast as it normally would as the girl before me goes in. I think about Mimi, how I didn't get to say goodbye. Or parents, I said goodbye this morning, like the usual, but I wish I had said more. The urge to run far away from school pops into my head but I fight it down. Nothing bad can happen. Nothing bad will happ-
 I take a deep breathe while opening the heavy white door. Behind a steel desk sits a women: olive skin, black hair tied back tightly and yellow eyes. Yellow. They follow me while I make my way to the cold, hard chair in front of her.
"Well," she sighed giving me a pitying look. I swallow down my bile as I watch her slim hand reach over to her ear.
"We have an Im." The black wall behind her opens and the Protectors rush in pointing a gun at me. Black swarms my vision and I feel my head bang onto the desk, I didn't even know I'd fainted. 

"She's a pretty one." A faint voice said. 
"Dude, she's an Im."
"You've got one of the best power in the world and you're telling me you're going to fall for an Im."
"No, I was just saying she was- I think she's awake." I shut my eyes closed again, I only wanted to get a look at the guy who thinks I'm pretty. He's got to be a lunatic, obviously.
"How do you know?" 
"I can hear her- wow, her aura it's gold I've never," his voice faded out as the click of shoes   Starts to get closer to me. 
"I know you're awake." He said and I can tell it's not the nice one from the sharp edge in his voice. I opened my eyes slowly, just to annoy him. His hard brown eyes glared at me from above and I glared back. I tried to sit up but he places his tanned hands on my shoulder and pushed me back down.
"Do not move," he said. I get a good look at his face, while he ties restraints on my wrists and ankles, he has light blonde hair cut into a military style, sharp angles to his face and a permanent sneer. In the door way of the what looks to be a hospital rooms stands a guy who looks around my age. I tried to get a good look at him but the other one stood up again. 
"So, Stone," he said, spitting out my name in spite, "do you know why you're here?"
"Because I'm an Im?" I asked using the word I heard him say before. One side of his mouth twitched upwards slightly. He seemed to be amused at what I said.
"Correct," he drawled.
"So, what are you going to do with me?"
His eyes lit up, like he'd been waiting for this question. 
"Send you to live with all the other Immunes in Zone 4, of course." He said as if it should be obvious to me. I'm an Immune. But to what? I want to ask but he looks like the kind of guy who'd beat me up in an instant. All of a sudden he stood up taller like he could sense something was going to happen. He swiftly brushed down the crease in his camo uniform and when he had finished he moved to stand on my right side. I find my eyes are searching for the guy who stood there before but he's gone and is replaced by a small but evil looking man. He wears a pristine suit which seems to be ruined on his chubby body. He walked over to me and stood at the end of my bed. His pitiless black eyes stared at me, no more like they searched, I reared away from him. 
"What's happening now?" I squeaked, being scared for the first time I woke up. The mans round, red scrunched into a sinister smile.
"Hello Stone," he said first, ignoring my question, "I hope Felkin was nice to you." He sneered shooting Felkin a smug look. "Felkin is our Human Sensor; he knows when people are coming. A very handy thing when he's in the Protecters and will get him high up." 
I stared at Felkin who smiles proudly. He disgusts me.
"To answer your question, Stone, I, head of the Protecters Hart Dean, am just coming to tell you how you will be getting to your new home. Felling told you, didn't he?"
I nodded, keeping my eyes locked onto his eyes which seem to have started flickering from side to side. I tried not to laugh at the fact that his name his Hart as he surely cannot have one.
"So," he carried on, "Bew will be taking you there in a one of our invisible Crafts."
Next to him appeared the guy from before. Now, much closer, I can get a better look at him. Bew stands taller than Felkin does and is more muscular: he has a fair complexion which contrasts to the dark green of his eyes and black almost bluish hair. He squinted at me and I stared back until Hart Dean interrupts us.
"It should take at least 5 days for you to reach your new home in Zone 4."
I nodded at him them finally find my voice. "Why can't I stay with my parents?"
"You're not one of us," snapped Felkin. Bew seems shocked at his friend's outburst but doesn't do anything. 
I chose to ignore Felkin and focus by view on Bew.
"When can we leave?" I asked. He frowned slightly, like he's confused about if he should answer me. He opened his mouth it was snapped shut when Hart started to talk.
"You will go now. Felkin untie the restraints and lead her to the Craft."
As Felkin does this I imagined my new home in Zone 4. I've always thought of that place as being a dump but maybe I'm wrong? It could be filled with people. People like me, right?
Felkin lead me out with his hard hand clamped onto my stiff shoulder. I hadn't realised how much I'd ached before but now I can. We walked up lots of flights of stairs. I had wanted to stop for a rest; the grip of Felkin had made me stop though. The last level we pass, before we got to the top, is number 20. Wind whipped around us as we stood on the top of the building. I admired the view of greenery while they setup the hovercraft or 'craft' as they called it. I wondered where we were a million times before this but now I'm even more confused. 
"Where are we?" I whispered to Felkin. He looked down at me with his sharp, sloping nose. "Classified," he said. I sighed. Secret military base? What did they used to all it before the Astroid- Area 51? Or maybe were-
"Shut up," said Bew, "please." He added the last part more calmly, begging me really.
"I didn't say anything," I said to him, who now stood in front of me. He rolled his eyes.
Isn't it obvious? I heard in my head. An amused smile formed on Bew's face. 
"Ah," I said, getting it now. He can read minds and telepathy?
And see auras. 
So that's what he was talking about before, to Felkin. When Felkin had said he ha one of the best powers he wasn't joking. There was something else he had said, Bew not Felkin. My aura is gold? 

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