Zone 4

Earth has changed since the Meteorite. Now everyone has a power of their own and a mate who shares the same one as them. But not Stone, she lives without one and now she's going to learn what happens to the people like her.
She's Told her New hime will be In Zone 4. No one knows what will really be out there. And on her way there she'll be babysat by a handsome but silent boy whose powers are one of the best out there. On the road, or shall I say air, it gets tough for Stone. Secrets will be told and hidden and only Stone knows how she'll cope.


3. Boarding

I was stuffed into the hovercraft by Felkin, he strapped me into a hard wooden chair then left before I could protest. I waited for Bew for at least five minutes, I suspect he was being given some precautions from Hart Dean. The engine started with a whirr and it vibrated the floor beneath me. I rested my head on my shoulder and took in my new surroundings. 
  The Craft had been painted a nice maroon colour which was nicer then the rusty silver which was on the outside, on the walls hung maps and newspaper articles, which I could make out. It was separated into two sections. I was in the big one, sitting on the foldable wooden chair that was attached to one of the smallest walls, opposite me was a long and slim cupboard (I guessed it contained a bed) and on the longest wall was a sink, cooker and kitchen counter with drawers. From my seat I could just see the back of Bew's head which was covered in his black hair that curled slightly at his neck. I turned back around and slept.
"Stone," a voice whispered. I felt a warm hand on my arm and it shook me slightly. I opened my eyes and am face to face with Bew's green orbs. He fiddles with the lock that is attaching me to this seat.
"Got it," he said.
I stood up in front of him. "Thanks. Were you allowed to do that?" I asked.
He doesn't answer but turns to the cooker in the other corner. 
"Who's flying this thing?" 
"I thought I'd put it on autopilot for a while. You hungry?" I tried to remember the last time is eaten, it was the morning I went to see the power seeker.
I stand awkwardly and watched as he looked through the doors. I noticed that below the sink is a fridge, which I didn't see before. 

I stand awkwardly and watched as he looked through the doors. I noticed that below the sink is a fridge, which I didn't see before. I wonder what else this Craft might have. I opened the cupboard to find what I had anticipated; a fold up bed. I wish I'd taken more notice of the Craft when I was outside because in here it feels like it could be a mini home. I pulled down the bed and then say on it. It sifted slightly under my weight but it was nice and soft, unlike the one I was on before. 
"Where are you going to sleep?" I asked Bew. 
"Why do you assume that bed is for you?" I heard the humour laced in his question but I feel slightly ashamed of myself for thinking it would be mine.
"Oh course it's yours, if it was Felkin it definitely wouldn't be though." I found myself smiling at that. Bew turned round and caught my smiling down at the bed. 
"Your aura seems to grow brighter when you smile," he mused to himself. I smiled brighter.
"Now your just blinding me. Food is ready," he turned round with two plates of steaming stew. What?
"How did you make that so-" 
"It's canned." 
I took my plate from him and sat back on my foldable chair while he sat on top of the bed. I stuffed down the food my stomach protesting all the way.
  I wanted to ask Bew some questions but he took our plates and hurried back to the other part before I could. I curled up under the covers and rested my eyes, I seem to be a lot more tired than I was before I came here. The vibrations have reduced to a soft hum that soothes me. It reminds of home, my conscience replaced for me, when my mother used to sing to me. I wonder if they know where I'm going or have they just been told I had a fatal accident at school and that my body is too mangled to be shown. What if-
They know. His voice echoed softly inside my head. 
"Really?" I asked aloud.
I felt him nodding in my head. "Are they okay?"
Upset but fine I guess.
"Once you get back will you tell them I love them?" I pleaded. There was a pause until his voice replied inside my head again.
Go to sleep. 
I sighed and reluctantly snuggled back down. He'll tell me soon enough.
Yeah right.

"Approaching gridlocked airway." Said the automated voice. I opened my eyes, the room was dark. I could make out a sleeping Bew on the floor. His chest rose and fell and I could hear his soft snores. I pushed back the cover and stood up. The cold floor stung my bare feet, he must have taken off my shoes, I padded into the other section. A desk on unfamiliar dials and screens flash at me. I sat down in the padded chair and hovered my hand over the desk. 
"What are you doing?" I jumped up from the seat and faced a bared chested Bew. 
"I-I-sorry," I said in a jumble. He looked down at his wrist. 
"It's 6 in the morning, you go back to bed. I need to navigate." I nodded and made my way past Bew who radiated heat. My cheeks were bursting with colour and I stuffed my face under the pillow. 
Don't ever do that again or else I'll have to put the restraints on.
I gulped.

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