Zone 4

Earth has changed since the Meteorite. Now everyone has a power of their own and a mate who shares the same one as them. But not Stone, she lives without one and now she's going to learn what happens to the people like her.
She's Told her New hime will be In Zone 4. No one knows what will really be out there. And on her way there she'll be babysat by a handsome but silent boy whose powers are one of the best out there. On the road, or shall I say air, it gets tough for Stone. Secrets will be told and hidden and only Stone knows how she'll cope.


1. After Meteorite

It all started 20 years ago in 2043, when the Meteorite hit. We don't call it 2063 though, we call 20AM - after Meteorite. It's hard to think about what Earth used to be like before the Meteorite hit us. We learn at school but it's not very well detailed. I think the impact must have made a lot of people lose their memory; well that's my theory anyway. I do sometimes wonder why Earth wasn't knocked out of orbit I mean it crushed most of central Africa, where it landed and now nobody but the scientist are allowed to go there. As I was saying Earths a lot different now. Why, you're wondering. Well everyone has their own specific powers; no ones the same. Now, you're probably but that's not that many powers. Well there is. My friend, Mimi, she has telekinesis but it only works on metal whereas others only work on wood or plastic. One lucky person can use their power on everything. Actually it's more like two lucky people can use their power on everything; I didn't mention it before but only two people in the world have the same one power. And that's your mate for life. 
Mimi has already found her mate. He's called Mof. I have another theory that when the meteorite hit it knocked some sense out of us. For example, the ability to give out children good names. Mine? Stone. Yeah, that's right my names Stone. I guess it's not as bad as a girl in my class. Her names Soup. It goes with her power though, she can make any food she touches into a purée. Ironic, I guess. Or can her parents see the future? I'll have to ask Soup when we go back to school. 

I guess I should a bit about me. Well, I'm in my last year at school, so I'm 18, my parents both have terrakinesis, they can control rocks and my power? I don't know yet. Nearly everyone had their powers from birth but not me. I've tried, many times, closing my eyes and searching deep within me but nothing. Never anything. 
I didn't tell you where I live did I? In 1AM president Kale split the whole world into four zones.
Zone 1- For the people with mental abilities like my parents and Mimi, it's located in the Northwest meaning North America and Greenland.
Zone 2- For the people with physical abilities like Elasticity, that's in the Northeast so, Europe and the North of Asia.
Zone 3- For the people with manipulation and cloning abilities, that's in the Southeast but not Africa it's more like China, Japan and Australia.
Zone 4- No one knows; there's rumours that it's for the most powerful people or the ones with no powers. Which makes me worried. That's located in South America; at least that's what we're told.

Did I mention the power seeker? Well that's what I'm waiting for now. Mr and Mrs Nagir, both of them can tell what people's powers are by just being in the same room as them.

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