Weird right?

Ella, wakes up on a thought ordinary day but turns out to be so weird! Ella is in care, she is a orphan! These people turn up claiming to be her parents but Ella doesn't think they are! Something really weird is going on!


3. Their house and their rules!:O

As I walked in these double green doors I was frightened and as sad as hell! This max person showed me to my room.. It was the smallest in the house! I had to get rid loads of things because I couldn't get anything in! I was sick of this already! It was such a dull and boring big house and all they did is read, do crosswords and sit by the fire! It was my worst nightmare at dinner time! "Now darling we have a lot of rules as our house is precious to us and we like to keep high expectations to the neighbours so I'm going to tell you the rules DO YOU THINK YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REMEMBER THEM?! I said it the quietist voice.."yea" "GOOD" " now pumpkin the rules are not eating or drinking on the sofa, no loud music or any noises, bed before 9pm, no tv for more than 30 minutes, don't go in our room, leave all glass things alone, no sweets or fizzy drinks, no bright clothes or objects.... WHAT!? This is officially over! "IM NOT GOING TO STAY HERE ANY LONGER! AGHHH!" "Oh well I think that's up to us now.. Hahahaha" "get of me! GET OF ME! HELP HELP AGHHHH" 

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