Weird right?

Ella, wakes up on a thought ordinary day but turns out to be so weird! Ella is in care, she is a orphan! These people turn up claiming to be her parents but Ella doesn't think they are! Something really weird is going on!


2. The meeting...!!!

Rick  agreed on a meeting with these people! If they are my parents I would recognise them from when they left me! all rick has to do is CRB check them and just talk about "how they have changed and why they should have me back". My care worker has to come to, obviously.. If Rick, Emily and my care worker decides they have changed and are willing to look after me properly now they will foster me!! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.... The door was being bashed over ... I dare to open it! LUCKILY Rick rushed to open it in a good expectation! LOL. He said "come in, please sit down!" I wasn't aloud to go on, it had to be a private meeting and then they would tell me the results. As I walked away from the door my "mother" said "bye darling!" It's getting more WEIRDER! 20 minutes later Rick came out with a smile on his hairy face.. I thought to myself OH NO! I ran into the living room where Emily just walked in.."EMILY EMILY PLEASE DON'T LET THEM TAKE ME AWAY PLEASE DON'T!" "I'm sorry it's not my decision, it's the stupid rules! If your parents are fit enough and healthy enough to take you back they have to.. I'm so sorry" I ran as rapidly as I could to go and see what ricks decision is...!!! He said " this is a very easy decision, it looks like your parents have thought through this a lot and that they have changed... So, I said yes.. For now but if things get suspicious you will have to come back.." NO NO... Emily already had my things packed! It's like they wanted to get rid of me! Did they? I didn't even get to say bye to the others... "Come on sweetie don't make such a fuss.. We have you back!" Yay I thought to myself sarcastically..I didn't say a word to them back when they spoke to me and I didn't say a word to them on the way to their house in the car.. Why should I? I know there not my parents I KNOW they are not! But.. How did they know all that information about me? We arrived at their house... 

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