Weird right?

Ella, wakes up on a thought ordinary day but turns out to be so weird! Ella is in care, she is a orphan! These people turn up claiming to be her parents but Ella doesn't think they are! Something really weird is going on!


1. The day I woke up....

I woke up..... Stripped so fast.... Waited to go in the bathroom for like a hour.... Got in FINALLY! Cleaned my teeth, brushed my hair and did what ever I had to go ( business) .... I then ran out of the bathroom 10 minutes later and I went into the living room to speak to the others. They were doing there usual arguing, moaning, crying or just playing or talking normally. Then suddenly,... I heard the biggest 2 bangs on our crooked door! I sneekly but carefully crawled under a chess nut table and stayed there until they went. I said " is anybody gonna get the door or are they gonna leave me to pick up the pieces AGAIN!" I mean I ALWAYS  get the door nobody NEVER does! I wish we had a door rota! so deciding to go and open the door for the LAST time I rapidly sprint to the rusted door.... I carefully open the door peaking through the peep hole.. I then eventually opened the door wide and saw a tall couple crying,as if they have seen me before! They looked at me with a HUGE smile on their faces, well I am in care so that's the first thing you wanna see. the weird woman said.." Hello darling" I  said WHAT! the cheerful guy of a giant said " aren't you happy to see us angel?" Ok! Something is really weird.. DUN DUN DUN..... "That's no way to react to your parents is it sweetie? C'mon let us in! It's freezing out here!" I was so scared right now! These people claim to be my PARENTS! NO WAY! I would remember them by miles! Although I haven't seen them in 7 years! I stormed of pleading with tears! I ran of immediately to see Emily straight away! Emily is our youngest care worker. "Emily Emily! Please help these people are here saying they aren't parents they just let themselves in! I didn't know what to do!! Oh no!" "WHAT! We have to tell Rick straight away!" Both of us running to rick we stumble down the stairs breathing heavily... My claiming "mum" said " oh? Hello... I'm Louise! Her mum.." Ok. This Louise person said "her mum" why didn't she say Ella? Just proves she isn't my mum! I know she isn't! She just isn't! My "dad" said "sorry for not introducing myself I'm Max! Max Parker um... That little princess's dad!" WHAT! Why aren't they saying my NAME! It just proves they don't know me and they are not my parents! Something is so weird....!  "You don't look familiar at all from Emily's files I've read you look nothing like her birth parents plus your last names are Parker? Hers is shay..! I'm not aloud to let you fully in or see Emily without Ricks permission and Emily's social workers guidance!" "Well. She is our daughter! Look. We don't want no harm all we want is our daughter back so let's just sign the stupid paper works and get her packed and go!" WHAT no! No way! I'm not leaving sorry "MUM" and "DAD" but I'm not leaving your not even my parents AGGHHH just leave!" Oh no... Ricks coming!" "Hello? Don't be leave we have met? I'm Rick head care worker around here! Look you shouldn't come in without permission from me or Sasha you do realise?" " oh not another care worker! I'm Max Parker and this is my wife Louise Parker. We are her parents!" He was pointing at me and I felt like saying RUDE! But I couldn't! "We have just came for out little girl""YOUR NOT MY PARENTS!" "Look I'm sorry, you don't have proof that your Emily's parents and you can't just take her without any checkouts and meetings!" Ok. Argument alert coming on! This was officially WEIRD!!

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