Weird right?

Ella, wakes up on a thought ordinary day but turns out to be so weird! Ella is in care, she is a orphan! These people turn up claiming to be her parents but Ella doesn't think they are! Something really weird is going on!


4. Locked up..

I KNEW THESE PEOPLE WERE PHONIES! They aren't my parents! They have locked me up in this dark scary scary room. I have no food in here no drinks NOTHING! I have to get out straight away to catch a bus and go back to gaitway house and tell Rick! He will have them arrested for KIDNAPPING! I need to find something hard to break the window.. YES! A cobblestone rock! Fantastic! On 1...2...3 I will throw it! 1....2.....3...!!! BANG! QUICK GO GO GO the window is open! it's freezing! OH NO! MAX IS COMING! "Wait wait wait... !! "One ticket to gaitway house please!" "Ok" HURRY HURRY! 

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