Torn Between The Two: A Liam And Niall Love Story.



*Lily’s POV* It was Monday morning and I was up at 5:30am and to pack the rest of my stuff being my sister Aly, and our best friend Beka finished last night. It was 6:30n when I woke them up because our plane is leaving at 11:30 and we needed to get there early to check in and go through security then wait about an hour for the plane to arrive. I woke them up early enough to get dressed and eat. I ran upstairs and got changed then came down and we loaded our stuff. “Okay is that everything?” I asked looking at them. They nodded and we got in the car. I started the car and off we went. It was about 8:00 which was good because we only lived two hours way from the airport. On our way there we talked, joked around, listened to radio, and stopped once to get a drink and something to much on after that straight to the airport we went. This is what we are wearing for the day. Me: Aly: Beka: *Aly’s POV* I was in the front with Lily. Beka was in the backseat on her phone probably on Twitter or Facebook but oh well she choose sit back there. We’ve been in the car for about an hour and a half now we only have 30 minutes left till we get to the airport now. I was flipping through the radio channels when I heard the radio person say Marianas Trench and I stopped on that station to see what they had to about them. That’s when they started to play on of their songs and so I turned it up and started to sing along with it. Then I realized Lily started in and so did Beka. We took this moment to sing and jam out to our band. WE soon arrived to the airport. Lily parked the car “We’re here guys.” She said looking at us with a smile which we knew was a fake one because she was still tiered as hell. We got out and bean to grab our stuff out the back. *Beka’s POV* We pulled up to the airport and parked. I got out of the backseat and began to get my stuff. It took us about ten minutes to get everything and make sure that we didn’t leave anything behind. We were walking up to the entrance when Aly started to dance then Lily joined her and I just walked like I didn’t know them but then they started to yell my name and so therefore I ended up joining them and had fun while walking up to the front desk. After we checked in we went through security and everything then we went and sat down to wait for the air plane to arrive. After about 15 minutes Lily started to get restless. *Lily’s POV* I started to get restless just sitting there. I saw two boys standing over by a place that seals food so I got up. “I’ll be right back guys.” I said getting up. “Okay.” They both said not looking up from their phones. I walked over to where they were standing one was wearing a green hoody and a pair of shades and the other boy was wearing a purple hoody and a pair of shades also. I walked up behind the boy in the green hoody and bit his shoulder then told the boy in the purple hoody that I liked his hoody then walked off with a smile. I got back to where I was sitting and sat down between Aly and Beka. I had my mischievous smile on my face. Beka looked up at me “What did you do Lily?” she asked me looking up from her phone. “Nothing, why do you think I did something?” I said looking at her. “You have your mischievous smile on your face that’s why.” “Okay here this is what I did, I went over to two boys bit one of their shoulders and then told the other boy I liked his hoody.” “Why would you do that?” “I’m bored that’s why.” “Well you would be the one out of us to do that.” “Damn right I would.” I stood back up and looked over to the place where they were standing and stared at them till the y noticed then I waved at them and laughed. They motioned for me to come over to them and so I did. I walked up to them. “Hello.” I said with a small laugh and a smile. “Hello.” They both said and smiled. I noticed right off the back that one of them had an English accent and the other boy had an Irish accent. I smiled because those were my favorite accents. “So why did you want me to come back over here?” I asked looking up from the floor. “To ask you why you did that.” The one with the Irish accent said. “Oh because I got bored of just sitting there and I saw you two standing here alone and so I decided to come and bug you to.” They both looked at each other and laughed. “What are you laughing at? Payne Train did not give you permission to laugh.” I said with my serious face making them laugh harder. “Go step on a Lego.” I said with my pouty face. “That’s rude. You’re such a donut.” The English boy said. “What?” I said looking at him like he was dumb. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t talk like that I’m so sorry for my language.” He said looking down. His friend and I both looked at him then at each other than busted out laughing. “So did you come here with anyone or are you by yourself?” The Irish one asked, looking down at me because he was a lot taller than me. He had blond hair I could tell because some of it was sticking out a bit from under his hood. “I’m here with my sister and our best friend.” I pointed over to where they were sitting they were staring but oh well I’m going to continue to flirt with them well mainly the Irish one. I looked at them and smiled and they knew I was up to something. *Aly’s POV* I was sitting down watching Lily flirt with those two boys or well mainly the on in the green and he seemed to be flirting back. I got Beka’s attention and pointed towards where Lily was standing. “Look at her.” I said shaking my head a little. “Does she know them or something?” She asked looking at them back at me. “I don’t think she does.” “Oh okay.” Was all she said looking back at them. Lily looked over and saw us starring at her. She smiled at us then looked back at the boys. I watched her very closely with my creeper face. She looked over at me again and so did. “STOP IT YOU WEIRDO!” she yelled at me and I shook my no at her. After about five of starring at her I got and ran to her. “LILY!” I yelled as I ran to her. “Guys this is my sister Aly.” She said introducing me to them. “And this is my sister Lily.” I said as if they didn’t know being I yelled it as I ran up to her. I grab both of their head and started to push them together. “Kiss come on kiss.” I said pushing them together. “Aly staph it.” She said protesting. The boy that she was talking seemed to not mind it. So I kept trying to get her to go for it, but I final gave up because she wouldn’t give in. He looked at her and smirked and she shyly smiled up at him. She was that kind of awkward flirting type of person so in other words she was not good at flirting. “So we’re you guys going.” He asked looking down at us man he was tall. “Um we’re going to London.” I said and smiled at Lily who was just kind of starring at him. “Oh are you now?” He said raising a brow at her. “Yes.” I said with a little more attitude than intended. “We’re going up there for college.” Lily said with a small smile. “Well we’re going to be in London for quite a while maybe we’ll see each other around.” HE said with a smirk. “Maybe you will.” She said with a smile. “Okay cool. Sit with me on the plane and we can get to know each other.” “Deal.” With that said I walked back over to Beka with a smirk because I just did the best thing a sister could do because I know who he is. It was finally time to start boarding the plane, and Lily and ‘mystery boy’ started walking over here.
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