The Secrets Behind Closed Doors

Okayyy...first Movella, so I'm sorry if this fails...
(this is based on a true story that happened at my Dad's cousin's wedding..)

Hannah and her cousin Lucy stumble across a handsome, inncoent boy, who they begin to fall for at an Aunties wedding. Arguements arise, until soon they are interuppted- as they discover that a middle aged lady visits the mansion in the same room, at the same time- every night. The threesome explore, and try and discover the secrets behind closed doors. However, the boy acts very suspicious. Is he only leading the girls into more danger?


1. Chapter 1-The Mansion

'Come on! Let’s get out of here; the music is way too loud!' My cousin screamed over the booming music. It was my Aunties wedding, and we were pitched in a small, temporary building. It was covered in white and pretty decorations on the inside. The venue looked terrific an hour ago, but now the tables had dirty plates on them, the sofa was tipped up on its side, and red wine had been poured all over the cream carpet. There was a nice atmosphere between all of the family though- which is a good thing, as my family never seem to get on very well, whatever the occasion. I stumbled out of the venue in my ludicrously tall high heels before catching up with my cousin. The midnight air tousled my hair in the cool breeze. I shivered. Not because it was cold, but because I loved the fresh, sweet scent of the outdoors.

We made our way back to the huge, old fashioned mansion, where the main wedding was held earlier. The path that led us there was small and narrow surrounded with neatly trimmed hedges. On top of the hedges were tiny little lights, twinkling like fairies, lighting our way. I could hardly see where I was going, so I followed the click-clack of my cousin’s high heels and suddenly began walking towards the lit windows in the mansion. 'I dunno about you, but I want to explore this place!' My cousin, Hannah said, deliriously. She could have been drunk and you couldn't have been able to tell the difference. Hannah was a kind, spontaneous character that I had had a lot of amazing experiences with. For instance we once went to Alton Towers, we had camped out in the garden with no tent and we had been surfing in Devon. What stuff hadn't we done? She was almost like my best friend, that I shared everything with.

We finally reached the mansion and entered- to our own risk. We helped ourselves to some fizzy sort of substance in wine glasses, just sitting on the side. It could have been champagne, or ermm, fizzy elderflower juice. Of course we pretended it was champagne and acted wasted anyway. I entered the hall, cousin in toe and began to explore. The place had dim lighting and a spiral staircase in the corner of the room. Brown and black walls closed in us, and on the walls were old portraits of previous kings and queens. Cardboard boxes littered the floor, and doors were everywhere. There were probably about 7, presumably leading to all different rooms and corridors. The place really was spooky. The chairs from earlier had been packed away, and the red carpet showed thought the temporary white flooring from my aunties wedding. She made her entrance down the spiral staircase, with a beautiful flowery dress trailing behind her; bridesmaids following. 'It's hard to believe that the couple actually said their vows right here, only a few hours ago.' My cousin said with disbelief. I agreed.

Suddenly, we heard a voice, a big, loud thundering one. Hannah and I jumped out of our skin and yelled. We quickly leaped behind the table with the 'free' drinks on it and hid, whilst a dark shadow appeared at one of the many doors...


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