The runaway

Rosie Cavana is a 16 year old girl who is talked into leaving with her boyfriend. The boyfriend that has.. issues with the police, she is beginning to regret it especially when they are forced to live on the streets and he boyfriend gets arrested...


3. Chapter Three

I smiled at Marty. He smiled back.

In my head I thought what! But I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

'So? What do you think?'

"It's ... It's cosy" I nodded

'Yep, sit down, I'll get some dinner'

I sat down on the green to seated couch and stared at the blank screen of the TV

The smell drifted into my nostrils. Mmm the smell of fish'n'chips made my mouth drool.

He brought the food in on a tray with a glass of Dr. Pepper, a bottle of vinegar and salt.

He switched on the TV and sat next to me.

'How's my girl doing?'

I nodded

"Good whatta bout you?"

'Alright now' he said kissing my forehead. His breath stunk of smoke. It made me gag. I ran to the toilet, sick yes.

'Well that was a waste a fish...'I laughed

"You Ok?"

I laughed 'Yeah'

" Right I've gotta see Harry I'll be back in like 10 minutes"

I nodded and decided to snoop around the house after he left...

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