The runaway

Rosie Cavana is a 16 year old girl who is talked into leaving with her boyfriend. The boyfriend that has.. issues with the police, she is beginning to regret it especially when they are forced to live on the streets and he boyfriend gets arrested...


1. Chapter One

I smiled across the classroom at Marty. He smiled back and did a wait for me hand signal. I nodded and looked down at my exercise book.  The date, 22nd March 2013. That date reminded me of something, I wasn't quite sure what. Anyway it was last lesson and I stared at the clock tapping my pencil. 'Come on!' I whispered

I almost certain the clock was slower than usual. 3;25, it wasn't coming quick enough. I looked at Marty that tapped his watch.  I rolled my eyes and chewed the end of my pencil.


Suddenly the bell went and Miss Robinson shouted 'Class Dismissed!' Marty and I both grabbed our bags and left the class.

Marty caught up with me and slipped his hand into mine and we locked fingers.

"Come the port with me" Marty smiled rolling up a tobacco roll.

I nodded, not like my step-mum cared she more bothered about that cat.

He stuck the rolled up cigarette in his mouth and lit it. He took a drag of smoked and puffed it out.

"Can I get changed at yours first?"

'Sure, not like Carmella cares'

He laughed.

We walked around to my house and we went upstairs. Marty got changed in the bathroom and I got changed in my room.

I wore my metallic disco pants with a tight tank top and black vans. My hair was blonde with feathered layers and a side fringe going right to left. I had it down and I wore black maximizing mascara and blue eyeliner with red tint lip gloss.

I walked out and sat waiting for Marty.

He came out wearing jeans with a chain coming from his left front pocket to his back left pocket, a loose red shirt and a black beanie hat, not to mention the converse. He nodded and we walked downstairs. I took some money out of Carmella's purse and we snuck out to go to the port.  

We got to the port and there stood a guy.

"Wait here Rosie" Smiled Marty.

He pulled out some money and handed in sneakily to the odd man and the man gave Marty something in return. I think you can guess what it was. It was crushed green stuff in a bag, that's all I'm saying.


'Yes Marty?'

" Move in with me?"

'Yes! Yes! Yes!'

I gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek.

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