The runaway

Rosie Cavana is a 16 year old girl who is talked into leaving with her boyfriend. The boyfriend that has.. issues with the police, she is beginning to regret it especially when they are forced to live on the streets and he boyfriend gets arrested...


4. Chapter Four

Ten minutes? Phaha! The liar, he was gone for 4 hours! It was midnight and I felt more unsafe than I did before. I couldn't go to bed, noises sheltered me. Plus it didn't help that I was worried about Marty. Suddenly I received a phone call on the home phone.


'Rosie I need you to bail me out!'

I sighed

"What have you done?'

"I was caught again by the police, it's gunna be £200."


"I'm sorry"

I spat out my drink and hung up. That was all of the stolen money. And I had to walk to the station.

I slipped on my maroon duffle coat with light brown pegs and sneaked to the station.

I saw Marty behind bars, and 2 policemen standing outside the cell.

"Hello you must be Rosie"

'I have the money' I said wafting it in his face.

He snatched the money and nodded to the 2 policemen to let Marty out.

"Rosie!" He shouted running over to me.

'That's all our money gone'

"I'm sorry baby"

'Come on let's go' I sighed



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