Wings 2


3. Chapter Three- Robin- Aged 8

I ran home, I knew I was in trouble. First time with a mobile and this happens. Argh dad’s going to be so mad.

I opened the front door and slumped my rucksack onto the hallway floor.

I peered down the corridor into the open door kitchen where Greg, mum, dad and Keira sat around the round wooden table.

I slowly walked towards the kitchen, sliding along the laminate floor. The heads all turned to face me. Greg rose out of his seat and walked up to me. He held my shoulders and whispered in my ear ‘this wasn’t Keira’s or my fault’ before walking off to put on his shoes.


‘What’s going on I asked’

Keira stood up.

“Nothing to do with me.”

‘It has everything to do with you’ Mum said tugging at her sleeve to sit down

Keira sat down and slouched in her chair.

“Sit” said dad sternly

I nodded and scraped the chair across the ground.

Dad’s eyes cringed, I knew he hated that.

Mum opened her mouth to speak but I got in first.

‘I’m sorry’


‘Not answering your call straight away’

“So?” Dad smiled

I looked at Greg who was listening in and putting his shoes on suspiciously slow.

He nodded at me and mouthed ‘Remember what I said’

I looked back at mum and dad then glanced at Keira who smiled at me.


‘Yes mum’

“We… We ___”

‘We don’t want you seeing William’ Dad interrupted

I looked at everyone even Greg.

“What has he done? What have I done?!” I screamed standing up to show I meant to be angry

‘SIT DOWN’ Dad demanded

I didn’t I stood wide eyed, dad never spoke like that to anyone. Mum gave him a long deep glare.

I then decided what was best and sat down.

‘He’s messed with your mind’


‘Look at you! You’ve fallen in love! You’re eight for god’s sake!’

Mum shook her head as I threw the chair back and ran past Greg upstairs.

“We told you” Said Greg and Keira chasing after me.


I slammed the door and sobbed on my bed. How dare then banish me from my best mates!

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

“Go away”

In Greg’s language that obviously means there’s a no go away policy as he walked straight into my room, shortly followed by Keira.

‘Mum’s just following dad’s instructions’

 “What’s happened?”

They simultaneously exchanged looks.

“Well?” I said impatiently

‘Well…’ Keira stuttered

Greg stopped scuffing his shoes on my freshly vacuumed carpet and looked up.

“You know that William’s mother and our dad used to work together?”

I nodded even though I hadn’t a clue that dad worked for a theatre.

“Well he’s being blamed for her ‘collapse’” he shook his head

‘Apparently he drugged her up?’ Keira sighed rolling her eyes.

“Dad drugged Martha?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

Keira nodded ‘We’re going to court’

I stared at Keira’s eyes. Greg bowed his head. I stood up from my bed and sorted out my posh clothes.

 ‘I guess I’m going’

“You’re not just watching” Keira gulped

My head jerked around from folding my clothes.


“They want you to speak too” admitted Greg

‘Why I wasn’t there?’

“You knew Martha well.”

I nodded and pointed to the open door. They regarded me and left the room, I shut the door after them.

I then sat on my bed and took the diary from under my pillow.


Dear Diary,

     My father doesn’t want me seeing or talking to William because according to the police he drugged her up. By her I mean William’s mother, Martha. Martha died early today from collapsing outside the back of the theatre. I’m going to court… Court!

Robin x

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