Wings 2


7. Chapter Seven- Callie- aged 8 before she changed

I smiled; I couldn’t help it Graham was getting told off. I bit my lip and stared behind the door at mum shouting at Graham. I also felt guilty; he took the blame for something I did.

Mum walked away and Graham stormed up the stairs. We shared a room and I retreated into our room. He walked in and shut the door behind him.

'Thank you Graham'

"Whatever, next time it won't happen"

He sounded serious, I had never heard him speak that before.

'What's up?'

"She's telling dad!"

I was speechless. Mum never told Dad what happened when he was at work, unless it was serious.

What did I do you ask? Oh well I was going to get expelled but Graham heard and well stood up for me and said it was him, so now he's expelled instead of me.

'I'm sorry Graham'

"Forgive and forget" He said slamming his exercise books into the homework draw.

I smiled at him with guilt. He shook his head ' No'

"Look I said I'm sorry"

' I know, I'm in a bad mood Ok?'

I nodded and left the room.

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