Wings 2


5. Chapter Five- Lucinda- aged 16

I banged the milk and cereal on the counter.

“5 pounds please” AJ smiled

I stuffed my hand into my trouser pocket and gave AJ a doubtful look

‘I only have a quid’ I said placing it gently on the counter.

AJ shook his head.

‘Lucinda, where has your mum been?’

“Usual place.”

‘Take it and I’ll write an I.O.U yeah? Take these.’ He said placing two wham rockets into the white plastic bag with the pint of milk in.

“Thanks AJ; I’ll be around whenever I have money.”

‘Take your time, sorry about your mum’

I took the plastic bag and nodded to AJ.


It was a 2 minute walk to our apartment then a quick lift journey to the 7th floor.

I sighed as I took out my keys and unlocked the front door. There sat Dylan in front of the cheap TV playing on his PS2.

‘Dylan, we have cereal and a wham rocket each.’

Dylan looked pretty happy and ran to the bag; he took out the cheerios, milk and the two wham rockets.

‘I’ll get the bowls’ I said

He nodded.

‘Has mum come back yet?’


‘Why haven’t we been checked by Julie?’


‘Julie our social carer?’

He nodded.

“I miss mum”

I pulled him close and hugged him.

‘Me too’

I glanced at the clock.

I had to get to my work experience type thingy.

‘Shoot listen Dylan invite one of your mates around I got to go!’ I ran into my bedroom and got my bag before running to my bike.

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