Stranded (Harry Styles Fanfic)

May is your normal 18 year old girl. She's from a small town in Ohio called Bellville and she's in 12th grade. But she hates One Direction. Especially Harry! When her class takes a trip to Santa Barbara, California for her teacher's wedding, she gets pushed off a boat at a wild party that she shouldn't be at. Harry, a secret admirer of May, jumps in to save her. They find a life boat and try to sail back to shore but the current is to strong and pulls them away. They figure that the current will push them back to shore so, they decide to wait it out. When they wake up... they wake up on a deserted island. Will tensions rise, or will they start to have feelings for each other?
This is a Harry Styles fan fiction based off of the movie Blue Lagoon.


5. The Towel

May's POV

Once we got settled in, we all decided to take a nap because we've all been up since 4:00. Allen and Jess decided to sleep in the same bed, so that meant that Harry and I had to sleep in the same bed. Why do I always get stuck with him? Why did Allen have to be gay? Even if he wasn't gay, he still, would never sleep in the same bed with Harry. 

Harry's POV

Why does May hate me so much? I seriously have no idea why! What have I done to her? It's not my fault that I think she's hot! I've never met a girl like her. She's so beautiful and I don't think she knows it. Anyway, when May went to go change into her pj's, she left the door cracked and like any guys would I looked. Damn! She's got a hot body! It's the prefect hourglass figure. Her waist is small and her butt flairs out. But her butt isn't really big. It's perfect. Listen to me... I'm such an ass hole. 

When she came out, I quick turned my head away. If she knew I was looking at her undress, I'd never have a chance with her. She walked around to her side of the bed, plugged her phone in and then pulled out a towel from a drawer. She folded it up the long way and then laid it in the middle of the bed.

"This is my side and this is yours. Don't cross the line." She said pointing to each of the sides. She's so hot when she gets bossy! I nodded my head and laid down (on my side). She laid down next to me and I could smell her perfume. It had such a good smell to it! 


I woke up to the shower turning off. I opened my eyes to see May walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her and on her head. She went in to the closet, grabbed out a garment bag and went back into the bathroom. A few minuted later, I herd the blow dryer turn on.

May's POV

I quick blow dried my hair, and then did my makeup really nice. I didn't want to look like a barbie, but I didn't want to look like I didn't have any makeup on either. So I put on some cover-up, and a little blush. Red lips. White eyes lids with a smokey eye and a cat eye, eye liner. Mascara too. I pulled my hair up half up and half down. I curled the tips and added bronzer to my cheeks and chest area ;) I quick got dressed in the brides maids outfit. It was so beautiful! It was a dusty rose color and it was tight in the waist and chest area. But it flowed down to the ground, at my hips. It had a pearl zipper on the back.

"Jess, can you help me?" I asked because I couldn't get it zipped.

"Jess went out to get food. But Allen's here." Harry said

"Okay. send him in." I yelled out. Allen came in a closed the door behind him. His eyes were big.

"Damn! If I wasn't gay, I would totally tap you!!!" he said with a straight face. We both began to laugh and I told him to zip me up. He took it the wrong way and started to laugh again. He's crazy. Jess knocked on the door and came in. She kicked Allen out.

Harry's POV

When Allen came out of the bathroom, he had a look on his face like "damn!!" so I got pretty excited. I quick got into my tux and so did Allen. Jess was already dressed so May was the last one. Her original dress was beautiful, but I had a feeling that the new one was going to be a lot better.

Just the Jess came out of the bathroom.

"Imaginary ladies and real gentlemen, I give you May Anderson!!!" Jess opened the door and May walked out. Holy shit!!!!! She literally looked like an angel. She glanced at me and her eyes sparkled. A shiver ran through my body. She continued to walk out and over to Allen. He put his hand up, palm up, to his forehead, pretending to faint. We all began to laugh. 

Since we were going to be late, we had to leave right then. I opened the door for Jess, followed by Allen, followed by May. I closed the door and we began to walk to the elevator. Jess and Allen ran forward and got into a elevator and didn't wait for May and I, so her and I had to get one.

May's POV

Harry looked very handsome. His curls were perfect as always and his tux was incredible. I could tell that it was expensive. Once the elevator opened up Harry and I got in. The door closed. Harry and I exchanged glances.

"You look gorgeous..." He said looking at my dress and then my face. I shiver ran through my body. No guy had ever told me that before. That's right!!! Not even past boyfriends!!!

''Thank you!'' I said with a smile on my face. "You don't look so bad yourself..." He did look good!! He had a huge smile on his face. 

The door to the elevator opened and we walked out. My math teacher was in the lobby waiting for me. I waved to Harry and he did the same and walked away. My math teacher looked so nervous. 

"You ready!?!" I said smiling 

"As ready as I'll ever be!... You look beautiful by the way!"

"Thank you so much! You look incredible!!!!"

"Thanks sweet heart! Okay. You have to go out first. The other will follow behind you."

"Okay. See you out there!!" I said with a huge smile on my face. I was so nervous for her. But I'm also really happy!!! I herd the music start so I walked out.

Harry's POV

The music started and I looked at the door to see May walk out with a bouquet in her hands. I know this sounds crazy but, I can actually imagine that I'm the groom and she's the bride. If only...

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