Stranded (Harry Styles Fanfic)

May is your normal 18 year old girl. She's from a small town in Ohio called Bellville and she's in 12th grade. But she hates One Direction. Especially Harry! When her class takes a trip to Santa Barbara, California for her teacher's wedding, she gets pushed off a boat at a wild party that she shouldn't be at. Harry, a secret admirer of May, jumps in to save her. They find a life boat and try to sail back to shore but the current is to strong and pulls them away. They figure that the current will push them back to shore so, they decide to wait it out. When they wake up... they wake up on a deserted island. Will tensions rise, or will they start to have feelings for each other?
This is a Harry Styles fan fiction based off of the movie Blue Lagoon.


24. Proved Rumors

May's POV (3 weeks before Prom!!)

So Harry and I have been talking on the phone on and off these past few months, talking about prom and about the island. It sure does suck that we haven't seen each other, but I'm able to see what he's up to just by going on the internet. I don't want to be like one of those stalkerish girlfriends, but can you blame me? Harry is in the biggest boy band in the world and there are millions of girls who would kill to be his girlfriend! 

Today Jess, Allen and I went shopping. Now, you may be wondering why Allen wasn't around when I was in the hospital. Well, when I was first admitted into the hospital, Allen's mom was in a car crash and broke 3 ribs, her sternum, and her clavicle. Now I didn't find out until I got back home.

Anyway, when we went shopping Jess and Allen were really trying hard to get me in to a dress that was knee length and was strapless. It had a really pretty color. It was like a creamy color and it had sparkles on the top. 

"No way! I feel like my boobs are going to come popping out any second!" I said pulling the dress up over my boobs. I looked over at Jess and Allen who were bent over laughing. I really have no idea why though. "What? What's so funny?"

"What I would pay to see those tits come out while your dancing with Harry!!!!" Allen said trying to catch his breath, his hands on his hips.

"You won't need to pay anything because I am not buying this dress." I said walking back into the dressing room. I took off that horrible dress and hung it back up on the hanger. I had one more dress to try on. All the others that I have tried on were Allen and Jess's picks. This was my pick. I pulled the dress on, put my heals on and walked out to Jess and Allen.

"Holy. shit." Jess said as I walked out to their view.

"If I wasn't gay and didn't want dick in my ass, I would totally tap you!" Allen said feeling the fabric. I just smiled and laughed at that comment. 

The dress was white and was long and flowed just bellow my feet. But when I wore the heals the dress ended right above the tip of my toe. It had a strap that went from the bottom left of the top of my dress, across my chest, to the right of it and wrapped around the back. The dress was form fitting from the top, to my hips. 

After about 10 minutes of just  staring at myself and being astonished that I could ever look so beautiful I decided to take it off and buy it. When we were done shopping, Jess, Allen, and I went to Roma, which was our favorite Italian restaurant. We sat down at a booth and ordered our drinks and our dinner. While we were waiting for our food to get there, we started talking about our dates for prom.

"Well, Allen and I were going to go together but Will asked me to go." Jess said sipping down her virgin strawberry daiquiri.

"So you just said yes without asking Allen?" I asked looking at Jess. I can't believe she would do that to him.

"No no no! It's fine! I told her to go with him. I'm going with Chris..." Allen said putting his hands on mine.

''Who's Chris?" We both asked at the same time.

"Chris is my lab partner and he asked me and I said yes..."

"Oh my god!!! Alllllllllennn!!!!!!" Jess and I screamed covering our mouths. This is so incredible. Allen has been complaining about not getting a boyfriend for such a long time! I'm so happy that this is finally happening for him!

"So Jess, who's this Will?" I asked.

"Oh he's only the foreign exchange student! He's totally hot!"

"When did he get here?" I asked taking a big chug of my ice tea.

"Like a month ago."

"When did he ask you to go?"

"Two weeks ago."

"Cool. I'm happy for you both!"

"May!!! Harry will be here in two weeks! Don't worry!" Allen said trying to make me realize that Harry wont bail on me. "He loves you!"

"I know I just don't kno-" I couldn't help but stop mid sentence. My eyes widened as I looked down at my phone. Tears formed in my eyes. On my screen was a picture a Harry... Harry kissing some model Cara Delevingne. My heart sank as I read the caption.

It read:

Harry Styles seen kissing model Cara Delevingne backstage at One Direction's LA concert. Styles and Delevingne have known each other for three years and have been in an on and off relationship. What do you guys think about this? Wasn't Harry dating a girl from back home, May?

Bellow where the comments were read:

Oh my god! What an ass whole!! May is going to be crushed!

Poor May!

R.I.P Marry!!!

This totally sucks! Harry's such a jerk!

I'm unfollowing both Cara and Harry right now on Twitter :(

I feel horrible for May!


My heart pounded as I read through all the comments. I looked up at Jess and Allen who were both looking at me with worry in their eyes. "Um... I... oh my god..."

"May what's wrong love?" Jess asked putting down her drink.

"... Take a look..." I said handing them the phone. As soon as they looked at the picture, their eyes widened. Their eyes were peeled on the screen.

"May.... I'm so sorry..." Jess said getting up and hugging me.

"I know this may not help, but at least he didn't cheat on you with a guy..." Allen said standing up as well and hugged me as well. It definitely didn't help, but I was still in shock. How could Harry do this to me?

A few minutes have gone by. Harry has tried calling me three times. I guess he has found the article. I can't ignore him forever...


"May... I'm so sor-"

"You're kidding me right?"

"I'm sorry! It just happened!"

"Okay... Don't ever contact me again!" I said before I hung up. I can't believe I actually loved him! I should have never have believed one thing he said when we were on the island! It was all a lie...

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