Stranded (Harry Styles Fanfic)

May is your normal 18 year old girl. She's from a small town in Ohio called Bellville and she's in 12th grade. But she hates One Direction. Especially Harry! When her class takes a trip to Santa Barbara, California for her teacher's wedding, she gets pushed off a boat at a wild party that she shouldn't be at. Harry, a secret admirer of May, jumps in to save her. They find a life boat and try to sail back to shore but the current is to strong and pulls them away. They figure that the current will push them back to shore so, they decide to wait it out. When they wake up... they wake up on a deserted island. Will tensions rise, or will they start to have feelings for each other?
This is a Harry Styles fan fiction based off of the movie Blue Lagoon.


8. Life Boat

May's POV
When the door to the elevator opened, we all walked out and into the lobby. We all quick ran out and started walking to the party. It only took us about 15 minutes to get there. When we got to the harbor we saw a bunch of people walking around. A head we saw the yacht that the party was on. Lights flashed, music blasted, and booze was everywhere. Before we could get onto it, we had to show our ID's to the security guard. Thankfully Jess's friend who invited us, got us in.

The yacht didn't leave the harbor. Thank god, because I get sea sick and when I say sea sick, I mean SEA SICK! I turn green, I get dizzy, then I puke. And even the next day, I'm still puking. Anyways, After being on the yacht for about 15 minutes, Jess, Allen, and Harry are gone. I can't find them. Jess is probably making out with some weird dude, Allen is probably dancing on a pole drunk, and Harry is probably having sex with the bar tender or a waitress. Since I have nobody, I decided to rome around the yacht.

The side of the boat I was on was really crowded. I could barely walk around. So I decided to just sit down on the side. All of a sudden, two guys started to get into fight. They began to punch and hit. Drinks spilling and people screaming. Then the one guy (the one who was winning) punched the other guy in the head and he fell back and fell on me. I fell back and off the boat...

Harry's POV

Everyone wondered off on me. Since I couldn't find anyone, I decided to go over to the bar and get a drink. I man at the bar looked at me with a stank eye. 

"Are you in that gay boy band One Direction?" He said pouring the drink into the glass. Also chewing on a piece of gum.

"We're not gay, and yeah I'm in it..." I said trying to get to the point. I never liked guys like him.

"Oh... are you sure?"

'Yeah I'm pretty sure we're not gay!" I said raising my voice. What the fuck is his problem? He rolled his eyes and started making a new drink. "What's your problem with us?" Why the hell is he hating on us. 

"Excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?" He said slamming his drink shaker on the counter.

"You..." I said. I'm not afraid of guys like him!

"You want some of this? Huh? Come at me!!" My heart started to race. What the hell! He actually wants me to hit him... OK.

I jumped across the bar and punched him in the face. We just began to punch back and forth. I was winning, thankfully! I punched him one more time and he flew back, and fell on top of some one. I looked to see what happened and it was a girl. He nocked her off the yacht! I quick ran over to the side to see who it was. It was May!!!!!!!!! I quick jumped into the water. She screamed as I jumped in to save her.

"Oh my god May!!! Are you ok?" I said putting my hand on her waist so she wouldn't drowned. She had fear in her eyes. "It's okay!! I used to be a life guard! Lets go and get in a life boat. We swam over to a life boat that was behind the yacht. I lifted her up into the boat and I got in as well. There wasn't a motor on it and the current was way to strong to try to paddle with our hands, so we decided to wait it out. We would sail to shore eventually.

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