Stranded (Harry Styles Fanfic)

May is your normal 18 year old girl. She's from a small town in Ohio called Bellville and she's in 12th grade. But she hates One Direction. Especially Harry! When her class takes a trip to Santa Barbara, California for her teacher's wedding, she gets pushed off a boat at a wild party that she shouldn't be at. Harry, a secret admirer of May, jumps in to save her. They find a life boat and try to sail back to shore but the current is to strong and pulls them away. They figure that the current will push them back to shore so, they decide to wait it out. When they wake up... they wake up on a deserted island. Will tensions rise, or will they start to have feelings for each other?
This is a Harry Styles fan fiction based off of the movie Blue Lagoon.


17. Day 6

May's POV

Damn!!!! Last night was incredible! I've never had as good of sex in my entire life!! Everything was perfect! He... was perfect. I can't believe that we actually did it!! I mean like I never thought that I would have sex with a guy that I hated! But really, I don't hate him. At least anymore. He's completely changed from the popular guy to the normal guy next door. Yes he's still popular, but I just have a feeling that he's changed for the better.

Harry and I decided to start to make a better shelter. After all we've been sleeping under trees! We need more protection. We searched the forest for some good wood to use and we actually found a lot of it! Harry and I spent most of the day building our shack. We took a few 10 minute breaks but we actually ended up finishing our shack by the end of the day!

We gathered some extra leaves for a bed and laid down. "You know? I think we make a good team!" Harry said wrapping his arm around me. 

'Yeah, we sure do." I said exhausted. We both decided to call it a night and slept like babies.

A/N Sorry guys about the short chapter! I've been really busy! I'm on the luncheon committee and I have to serve my whole grade tomorrow. Also I have some letters to send out for end of year. I will try to update later tonight, once I finish preparing for tomorrow. Love you Xx Marley

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