Stranded (Harry Styles Fanfic)

May is your normal 18 year old girl. She's from a small town in Ohio called Bellville and she's in 12th grade. But she hates One Direction. Especially Harry! When her class takes a trip to Santa Barbara, California for her teacher's wedding, she gets pushed off a boat at a wild party that she shouldn't be at. Harry, a secret admirer of May, jumps in to save her. They find a life boat and try to sail back to shore but the current is to strong and pulls them away. They figure that the current will push them back to shore so, they decide to wait it out. When they wake up... they wake up on a deserted island. Will tensions rise, or will they start to have feelings for each other?
This is a Harry Styles fan fiction based off of the movie Blue Lagoon.


1. ._.-~Intro~-._.

May's POV

"Hottie, 6 o'clock!" My best friend Jess whispered to me across the lunch table. With my curiosity growing, I looked out of the corner of my eye. The "hottie" that was looking at me was Harry Styles. He's crazy popular and he's in the band called One Direction. They were on the X Factor. They entered as soloists and the judges put them together as a group and blah blah blah!!! I'm not a fan of them at all! Ever since he got back, he thinks he's all that! I hate snooty people! They piss me the fuck off!

My eyes rolled as I looked back to Jess. She was staring at him. I kicked her leg under the table as her focus broke.

"What's wrong with you? He's so hot! How can you not see that?" Jess said with her eyes wide open.

"He's disgusting! How can you like a guy like him!?!?"

"Because he's hot! How could you think he's disgusting?"

"He's stuck up!" I said getting up from my seat. I walked past him giving him and evil look, he had and smirk on his face. I will not let him get under my skin! I walked out of the lunch room and out to my car. Since it was a Friday we were allowed to leave yearly, so I did. 

On Saturday we're taking a class trip to California. My math teacher is getting married in Santa Barbara. I can't wait! But.... for the flight, I have to sit next to Harry. I have to sit next to him for 4 hours!!!!!!!! Pray for me!!!

Hey guys! This is just the intro, so the rest of the chapters will be longer. I'm still writing The Night That Changed Our Lives. When I'm finished with that, I'm going to start adding to this story. Thanks!  xx Marley

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