Not Another Crush

When Lexi and her best friend, Alicia, get tickets to a One Direction concert, they can't believe it! They've been dreaming about this day since they say One Direction on X-Factor in 2010!! But when they get some unexpected passengers, will Lexi be the only one falling hard?


2. Wait, what?!

Louis' POV

"Dude, c'mon" says Harry, trying to cheer me up.

"No, Harry, I will be forever alone." I reply.

"Boys, we broke down!" our bus driver yells.

"NO NO NO!" screams Niall, "WE STILL HAVE 12 MILES TO GO!"

"Maybe a fan will come by?" suggests Liam.

"Hey, what if the fan is 'the one'!" Harry teases me.

"I wish......" I mumble under my breath.


Lexi's POV

"Do I look okay??" Alicia asks me for the millionth time.

"Alicia, you look fine." I reply.

She went a little bit overboard. She had on a 1D t-shirt, 1D Toms, 1D earrings, and her lucky 1D necklace, whereas I stuck to my 1D bracelet. Hey, I didn't want to look obsessed, even though I pretty much am.

"Why aren't you all pimped out in 1D stuff?" she questions me.

"I don't wanna look like a freak, unlike you!" I tease.

"Oh, that's it!" she yells, and starts to chase me to my car, and old purple Honda, but hey, Violet looks pretty good since I restored her. Yes, I named my car Violet.


~~~25 minutes later.~~~

Suddenly, Alicia screams.

"HOLY MONKEY BUTT, WHY DID YOU SCREAM??'' I exclaim as I slam on the brakes.


"No way, stop messing with me."

"I am not kidding, look out my window."

I look and OMG SHE WASN'T LYING. I look closer and I see Harry come off the bus, followed by Liam, Niall, and Zayn. Where's Louis??

I get out of the car, followed by Alicia, and walk over there, just as Louis comes out. My heart is now pounding but I manage to say "Hey, you guys need help?" Louis looks at me and flashes a smile. I smile back.

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