Not Another Crush

When Lexi and her best friend, Alicia, get tickets to a One Direction concert, they can't believe it! They've been dreaming about this day since they say One Direction on X-Factor in 2010!! But when they get some unexpected passengers, will Lexi be the only one falling hard?


8. Niall!

She runs in and............stops. Not because of seeing the boys, but because there's ice cream everywhere! I see Niall, eating what's left.

"Niall! That was for Lexi!!!!" I say, walking over to him.

He laughs quietly.


Louis' POV

Alicia brings in Animal Cookie ice cream. Okay......

"Ok, l'm gonna go get Lexi!"

"Ok!" we all reply in unison. She walks out the door.

"FOOD FIGHT!!" exclaims Liam, throwing ice cream at me.

"Oh, it's on!"

Soon, the whole house is covered in ice cream, just as Lexi walks in the door.....

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